How to enable the new Google Docs Editor

Google DocsGoogle announces new updates on a much better and powerful editor to Google Docs! Creating documents on Google Docs allow easy access and collaboration (should you need it) anywhere you are. The newest update even enhance the editor and collaboration even further.

I store lots of documents in Google Docs so that I can easily access it from my mobile or on the net. I don’t store important documents in there though and I encourage you not to, for privacy and security reasons, of course.

Check out what’s new on the official blog post by Google.

How to enable these new features on your Google Document? Easy. Here is how.

First, go to your Google Docs Settings on the top right, select “Documents settings”:

Google Docs settings

Then on the Documents settings page, click the “Editing” tab:

Google Docs Editing TAb

Tick the “Create new text documents using the latest version of the document editor”:

Google Docs enable new document features

Click Save and that’s it. Now if you create a new document, you’ll use the new Google Docs text editor. Here is a comparison between the old editor and the new one:

Old Google Docs Document Editor:

Google Docs Old Editor

New Google Docs Document Editor:

Google Docs New Editor

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