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Google rewards Craving Tech with Sitelinks


Just found out yesterday that Craving Tech was being rewarded Sitelinks by Google. When you search for “Craving Tech”, Google search result page shows Sitelinks (sub-listings under the site’s URL). You cannot have these Sitelinks unless if your site/blog earns it (Google considers your blog/website of high value).

Google Webmaster Tools

Google hasn’t added my Reviews section yet, but hopefully they will in the future. The domain itself, CravingTech.com, went live in November 2009 (although I have blogged under my personal name’s domain for several years).

I know most of your site/blogs have probably got this “reward” but there is no reason not to brag :) It’s great that Google has thought of Craving Tech as a website with great value and decided to give it some Sitelinks. If you haven’t got yours, keep the hard work and I’m sure you’ll get it too in no time!

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