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Google Chrome gets extensions

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“I like Google Chrome but I love my Firefox more because of its extensions”
“I’ll definitely use Google Chrome when it supports extensions”
“I miss advertisement blocking extension”

If you say these words whenever you comment on a Google Chrome’s post, then soon you will have to stop saying them because Google has released its early stage for supporting extensions on Chrome!

At the moment, there are 4 extensions found on the latest Google Chrome development channel.

Accoring to Geek Technica’s post, the extensions are:

  • Cleeki (similar to Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators)
  • Adsweep (block ads) which is a surprise since Google AdWords & AdSense are the biggest money makers for Google.
  • Page Rank for Chrome (to check the PageRank on any pages)
  • CustomNewTab (tweaks to tabs and Chrome’s dashboard)

Let’s give it some time for Google to catch up with Mozilla Firefox’ extensions. I’m sure it’ll take them a while but I have high expectations for Google!

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