In a galaxy at the comfort of your home – Star Wars Battlefront Review

Star Wars Battlefront Review – In a galaxy not so far away, it seems, Star Wars Battlefront offers massive galactic battles in Star Wars universe at the comfort of your home (or where ever you play it at).

It’s both a first and third person shooter (you can switch the perspective at will), but to say it the easiest, Star Wars Battlefront is like Battlefield meets Star Wars.

Star Wars Battlefront Review – Design


The graphics are gorgeously gorgeous. Set the setting to the highest and you will be pleased with how everything looks so detailed with crisp textures to ponder on; the background, the character models, the atmosphere, etc.

The lush jungles at Endor, the flowing lava at Sullust, the snowy field at Hoth, or the rocky, dusty terrain at Tatooine, you’ll love the scenery. In fact, they are so detailed that I often can’t see enemies hiding behind bushes and trees (except when they are wearing a bright white armor like those stupid Stormtroopers) – which is probably for a good reason because I should have employed the same tactics.

The design of each planet is distinct, which I love, and they are not just for the show. Unfortunately, most buildings and trees are indestructible (no Battlefield “Levolution” here) no matter how hard you try (apart from a few skinny trees and some defenses).

map2 sshot-1

The textures of the characters and vehicles are detailed too, which really bring realism to the game and make you feel as if you really are in the Star Wars universe. These, combined with high quality music and sound effects bring everything together in a single package to enjoy and dwell into.

Star Wars Battlefront Review – Gameplay

Darth Vader

There are no classes to pick from, so the game is being simplified to make it more casual. You can unlock any weapon and use them as you wish (though you can only bring a primary weapon and a few power ups into a round). You can also hop and control vehicles in the game but you need to get them via power-ups (displayed as a glowing orb-like thingie) spawned in the map. This is actually a better design than the Battlefield series where 4-5 people will normally wait near a vehicle spawn point to see who can get in first.

Once a while, you’ll commandeer the units we love in Star Wars like an X-Wing or AT-ST to lay devastation to the opposing side.

You’ll also be able to play as one of the main characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, which is really fun – as long as you play it safe and carefully. You’ll find these Hero pickups randomly in one of the Power Ups, which means everyone can have the chance to have fun and kill someone. I’m glad it’s not a reward given to top players or someone on a kill streak.

Star Wars Battlefront Review –Multiplayer

Unlocking weapons and star cards is a crucial part of the game, at least if you don’t want to die too often. Being patient, i.e hide away if you are being shot at, helps you to stay around longer. However, no matter what you do, you will die, a lot (unless if you camp away and not doing the objectives).

As such, it can be frustrating to play at first where it feels like everyone else can shoot and kill you better and faster. I had more fun once I unlocked the heavier blaster, but I guess I’ve been playing slower-paced FPS games like CS:GO and Left 4 Dead 2 too much. The partnering system also helps you to use someone else’s unlocks and as a point to respawn, but you don’t always get a partner on every game (not sure why).

gjg cardsz

There is no campaign, apart from single scenarios or missions to practice and get the feel of the game but that’s okay. I’d rather them focusing on getting the multiplayer right than a campaign that I’ll never play again once I finish it.

There are lots of different multiplayer modes to play which should give you enough options to pick the one you like. I’m a bit worried, however. Like Titanfall, having lots of multiplayer modes can be a catastrophe in the future. This is because most people would only pick a few that they like, resulting in a lot of empty games on some modes.

My most favorite mode is the Walker Assault, where you have to either destroy 2 AT-ATs (if you are on the Rebel side) or defend them (if you are on the Empire side). It shows the grandeur design of the game of a 20 vs 20 players battling it all out. I also love the Heroes vs Villains mode for some fun by playing as one of the heroes/villains.

walker down luke

There are other modes with smaller scales of 8 vs 8 if you are not into big battles, but you’ll miss all the fun if you don’t play the bigger ones. Check out all Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Modes.

All these different modes show the possibilities and capabilities of the Star Wars Battlefront engine. It’s however, unsettling to see whether every mode will still be popular in a year’s time. I’ve already found it hard to get into a full game of a few modes such as Cargo, and Droid Run. Supremacy, Walker Assault, and Drop Zone seem to be the most popular ones. There are also not much maps to play on each game mode, and it seems that future updates will have to be purchased at some point.

Star Wars Battlefront Review – Conclusion

SW Battlefront fight

Star Wars Battlefront is one of the best Star Wars games out there for a very long time. It is heaps of fun, especially if you are into Star Wars and learn how to play each mode well (so you don’t die as often, or at least, manage to have fun before you die).

The graphics are gorgeous and beautifully rendered, adding immersion into the game. There are tons of multiplayer modes to choose if you are bored with one, the same chance to have fun playing as one of the iconic characters in the Star Wars Universe, and simply the feel as if you are part of a real, grand battle.

Hardcore Battlefield and Call of Duty players may not like Star Wars Battlefront, however, as it’s somewhat simplified and does not have enough character personalisation (in terms of skills and abilities) to tweak. I also wish there are more maps to play without having to pay for a DLC, but assuming you know what you buy, you should be alright.

Disclosure: Review license was sponsored for reviewing, but all opinions are mine

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