Battlefield 3 Beta

Battlefield 3 Beta

Battlefield 3 Beta is finally here!– or well, we at least have the Battlefield 3 Beta date! When does the battlefield 3 beta start? Battlefield 3 Beta will start on the 29th of September 2011. It will be available on all platforms – PC, XBOX, and PS3. If you already pre-order the game, you’ll get it on the 27th ;)

Battlefield 3 Beta details

The map that will be in Battlefield 3 Beta is the Operation Metro (Paris), which you can see from the official Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Gameplay here:

Unfortunately guys, it’s no Caspian Border, so there will be no jets to have fun with, but even without, I’ll still be having fun playing the Beta. This is a stress test anyway, so expect unoptimized codes and other bits taken out (hopefully none). After a while, I’m sure we’ll get sick of the map (which happened to me when I played the Bad Company 2 Beta last time).

The ones who have pre-ordered Battlefield 3 will get the Beta 2 days earlier, of course, as promised. The featured game mode that will be in Battlefield 3 Beta is the Rush Mode, where one team has to defend the MCOM stations and the other has to attack/bomb them (I love the Rush mode the most compared to the other ones in Battlefield Bad Company 2).

If you don’t know about Battlefield 3 and want to know more, watch these few Battlefield 3 gameplay videos:

and another one:

If you have been playing Battlefield 2 or Bad Company 2, then this is the time for you to have even more fun with the new Frostbite engine with more and better destructible environment, better animation, and more.

To pre-order and play the Battlefield 3 Beta early, go buy Battlefield 3 on EA via Origin, which is the quickest (you’ll be ensured to get a Battlefield 3 Beta preload).



Everyone has been itching to find out when Battlefield 3 Beta is going to start and now we’ve finally got our answers. There is an official Battlefield 3 Beta page for all the details that you need to know about the beta – what map, when does the preload starts, what do you need to have to play, and many other goodies to browse and prep you before the beta starts next week!

See you on Battlefield 3 Beta :)

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