Want to get a free double-pass movie voucher for a year?

Commonwealth bank movie vouchers

Want to get a free double-pass movie voucher for a year? The Commonwealth Bank in Australia has just launched a news release that if you open up a new everyday account with them, you’ll be rewarded with free movies for a whole year. It’s definitely one of the best rewards you can get, especially if you have a partner and like to watch movies together.

The offer seems to be available for the first 2,200 people though so you may need to hurry as I’m pretty sure this offer will be gone in just a few days! The offer lasts until 15th of September 2011 but again, I’m pretty sure it’ll be gone before this month ends.

What you need to do is go to a Commonwealth Bank branch and check in using Facebook Places. Accept the movie voucher deal by pressing the “Check in to claim” link. Within 3 hours, go to one of the staffs and show the check-in to him/her. Then, use your new Debit MasterCard or Keycard to make any purchase offline or online within 30 days.

Keep your new account active for the whole year and you’ll get a double movie pass every month for 12 months!

This is really tempting and ever since I was invited for the grand opening of the Commonwealth Bank Flagship branch in Brisbane, I’ve had a good urge to move to this bank. They seem to always want to improve things for the customers and also for keeping in line with the latest technology (by releasing new apps’ features for iPhone, iPad, etc).

I’m sure it won’t be long before the other banks in Australia try to follow their step and offering other rewards as incentives.

Source: Commonwealth Bank Facebook movie offer

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