Former Apple Employees Found a Startup that Focuses on Safeguarding iOS Devices

In a bold and fresh undertaking in the cyber-security sector, Patrick Wardle and Mikhail Sosonkin, both accomplished experts who previously worked at Apple, are now the pioneers of DoubleYou.Their mission? They outline ways to protect iOS and macOS devices from a rising threat in the community of technology professionals. Let’s look into the specifics.

Former Apple Experts Launch DoubleYou: Reinventing iOS and Mac Security

Armed with his NSA and independent MacOS security research tenure, Wardle, a security consultant, partners with Sosonkin, whose knowledge was cultivated at Apple during his security team stint. This dynamic duo recognized a crucial gap in the market: the soaring majority of people using Apple products and the lack of specialized security solutions designed specifically for their specific ecosystem.

DoubleYou is a company with an out-of-the-box thinking methodology. Rather than simply reacting to threats, they aspire to be one step ahead throughout the process through methods professional hackers often use. Imagine a security feature that scans each Mac process including suspicious remnants before it can cause harm. It is a proactive defense strategy that DoubleYou’s vision is ultimately all about. Additionally, they improve the procedures for how the anomalies in DNS traffic are frequently monitored and intercepted, a key aim of malicious actors.

However, the DoubleYou company’s strategy is not just about the breakthrough technology. Sosonkin highlights their emphasis on the strategic use of currently available mechanisms, which eliminates the need for inventing a new wheel. This allows for the creation of real procedures like the blocking of unauthorized cryptocurrency mining software and anti-ransomware attacks.

Despite its lofty ambitions, DoubleYou remains grounded in its immediate objective: providing a firewall against malware. Sosonkin sums it up succinctly: “Our motto is: “We just want to catch some malware.” Such commitment to user safety and their native familiarization with Apple’s security field makes DoubleYou a reputable competitor in cybersecurity.

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