This is evaSMART EV-3000, your own Personal Air Conditioner

Your Personal Evaporative Cooler

The evaSMART™ EV-3000 is a product by Evapolar and is a personal intelligent air conditioner (using evaporative air solution) that you can place anywhere near.

Depending on the temperature and humidity of the air, evaSMART can drop the temperature down from 35 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius – which is more than just awesome in Summer!

evaSMART is using a unique patented material called nanomaterial EvaBreeze which absorbs a hundred times more water than the conventional evaporative air coolers. This leads to a much higher cooling power (up to 1200 BTU/hr), yet within a small, portable unit.

evaSMART EV-3000 not only cools the air, but also humidifies the air, which is perfect for Melbourne where the air gets dry more often than humid.

It has a water tank capacity of 1300ml which can last for around 6-8 hours, enough to take you into the dreamland throughout the night.

Fill in the water and plug it into power (according to Evapolar, USB slots will work too) – which sounds pretty simple.

evaSMART now also has integration to smart home devices like Amazon Alexa, and will support Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung Smarter Things through a software update in the future.

Evapolar evaSMART Alexa

Obviously, this is no where a replacement for a proper split-system air conditioning, but evaSMART is great to cool a 4m2 space around you. Many PC gamers who play in Summer can totally relate with room that gets hotter as they game longer.

With evaSMART, just place it on your desk to cool you off when you play, and move it next to your bed when it’s bedtime.

According to Irina Yakubovskaya, the Business Development Director for Evapolar, evaSMART is a great fit for Australian lifestyle” and happy to set up their first Australian partnership with Kogan.

Evapolar evaSMART EV-3000 can be purchased for $360 AUD from the Evapolar website and should be available at Kogan some time in the future.

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