EcoFlow WAVE 2 Review – World’s first wireless portable AC with a heater

EcoFlow WAVE 2 Review

EcoFlow WAVE 2 Review – It’s probably safe to assume that we’ve seen a fair share of portable, wireless air conditioners or heaters before – or at least, they claimed to be. In the end, the portable air conditioner is more like a portable fan using evaporative cooling technology. So yes, while they are cooler than a mere fan, they are not cold, cold.

However, EcoFlow WAVE 2 changes all that. It really is a portable air conditioner that will give you the chill you need, and it’s not shy about using everything in its power to blow that cold breeze out. Note that the WAVE 2 is also a portable heater but I somehow want to talk about the air conditioning part more because it is really special.

The review unit I have here is the WAVE 2 but I was also gifted the WAVE 2 Add-on-Battery.


The packaging of the WAVE 2 includes two exhaust ducts (along with their adapter covers to be attached to the unit), a winder and drain pipe, and some manuals. The WAVE 2 Add-on-Battery comes with the battery unit and a connector to the WAVE 2 main unit.


EcoFlow WAVE 2 provides 5100 BTUs of cooling or to make it easier to understand: It can “drop 10℃ from 30℃ for 10m³ in 5 min and raise 10℃ from 20℃ in 5 minutes for 10m³ with 6100 BTUs of heating in optimal running performance”.

When I tested running the WAVE 2 during my testing period (and it’s getting hotter here in Melbourne), I truly had a blast. It provides an icy breeze like those wall-mounted air conditioners, though in a smaller package. It requires the unit to be plugged into a power socket, but if you have the Add-on-Battery, you do not need to.

The battery has a 1,159Wh capacity with an easy, detachable design. To use the battery, simply slide the WAVE 2 unit onto the top of the battery and connect the included connector. With the battery and the WAVE 2 set in Eco mode, I could leave the unit to run on cooling mode all night (which gave me around 7-8 hours of running time if I remember it correctly).

You can also hook the WAVE 2 up with a portable power station like the EcoFlow DELTA 2 (check my review here).

There are physical controls on top of the unit where you can change modes (cooling, heating, fan), functions (Max/Sleep/Eco/Custom), temperature, fan speed, etc. But if you connect the unit to the app on your phone, you can control the WAVE 2 directly from the app. And the app design is really intuitive, attractive, and user-friendly.

With the app, it’s easy to control the WAVE 2 while you are in bed. You can change the set temperature, change the fan speed manually, or even the modes such as Sleep or Eco mode.

If you are using the EcoFlow WAVE 2 outdoor (such as for a BBQ or picnic), you can just use it as it is. However, if you are using it indoor, you need to exhaust the hot air out. Unlike the Close Comfort COOL FOCUS, the exhaust air is really warm and if you don’t get it out, you’ll end up circulating the hot air back into the room and lose the machine’s cooling efficiency.

Thankfully, the exhaust duct is included in the packaging and is long enough. If you don’t want to open any windows, you can simply expel the hot air out of your bedroom like what I did here:

If you are using it in a tent, you can place the WAVE 2 outside and deliver cooling through the front air outlet.

While the WAVE 2 has drain-free function by using flash distillation, this only works in cooling mode and only when the ambient humidity is low. In my test here in Melbourne, I did get a small amount of water which I drained manually by removing a connector and tilting the unit. You can also connect the included drain pipe and turn the drainage function. I’m actually bringing this machine to Indonesia, (which is very high in humidity) so I’ll most likely have to turn the drainage on all the time whenever I use the WAVE 2.

If you don’t drain the water, that’s okay too because the unit can store a good amount of water before you have to drain them out. The WAVE 2 will shut down automatically (in heating mode) or auto-switch to fan function in cooling mode if it cannot collect anymore water.

While all these sound good, the not-so-fun part is that the EcoFlow WAVE 2 is not exactly portable to some. It weighs around 14.5kg so it’s definitely not for the elderly who live on their own, and it’s not exactly fun to carry this over the stairs back and forth. The add-on battery weighs around 7.5kg making it around 22kg in total. But for the cooling power that you get here, you can’t really complain.

I don’t mind the noise and you can use the Sleep Mode which leaves the machine’s operation at 44dB. The noise is still noticeable but I’m a good sleeper and am usually okay with environmental noise.


In conclusion, the EcoFlow WAVE 2 stands out as a substantial leap forward in the realm of portable climate control. Its ability to swiftly chill a space is a game-changer for anyone seeking respite from the heat, particularly during the balmy Melbourne summers. While its versatility as both a cooler and heater is commendable, the cooling function is truly where the WAVE 2 shines, setting it apart from other portable units which often fail to deliver on their cooling promises.

The additional flexibility afforded by the WAVE 2 Add-on-Battery makes this unit even more appealing for those in need of a cooling solution that can adapt to a variety of settings, whether it’s for an all-night comfort or an outdoor gathering. The intuitive app adds a layer of convenience to an already user-friendly system.

Admittedly, its weight may pose a challenge for some and it’s clear that the definition of ‘portability’ with this unit is relative to the robust cooling power it offers. This is a trade-off that potential buyers will need to consider.

Ultimately, the EcoFlow WAVE 2 demonstrates that portable air conditioning can indeed be effective and not just a mere step up from a standard fan. For those in the market for a truly portable air conditioner, the WAVE 2 is a compelling option that checks many boxes on the list of what makes a powerful, portable air conditioner. It retails for A$1,999, available at EcoFlow Australia website and Amazon.

To truly make the WAVE 2 portable however, it’s recommended to also grab the battery pack, though it will cost you an extra A$1,199 – available at EcoFlow Australia website and Amazon.

Disclosure: EcoFlow WAVE 2 and Add-on-Battery review samples were supplied for reviewing

EcoFlow WAVE 2 Review


The EcoFlow WAVE 2 is a robust, premium, truly portable air conditioner that delivers on its promise of impressive cooling power, though it comes with considerable weight and premium price


  • Truly portable, effective air conditioner
  • Also has a heater function
  • Premium design
  • Included exhaust ducts for efficient indoor use and versatile setup options for outdoor activities.
  • Supports add-on battery, solar, and portable power stations


  • Rather heavy to carry around
  • Premium price
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