DYU King750 E-Bike Review: Power-Packed Performance

Note: This is a guest post written by Chas Moses – The King 750 e-bike from DYU has been generating a lot of buzz in the electric bicycle market. Priced at $1299, this e-bike boasts several impressive features, including a powerful motor, sturdy construction, and all-terrain capabilities. In this review, we’ll delve deeper into the pros and cons of the King 750 to help you make an informed decision before purchasing.


Powerful Motor: The King 750 is equipped with a Deo hub motor rated at 48 volts and 750 watts, delivering excellent acceleration and top speed. The motor’s 75 newton meters of torque provide a satisfying boost while riding, making uphill climbs and overcoming obstacles a breeze.

Sturdy Construction: With a 26-inch by 4.0 wide soft all-terrain tire, the King 750 offers remarkable traction on various surfaces. Whether you’re cruising on paved roads, tackling loose gravel, or navigating rough trails, this e-bike handles it all with ease. The dual hydraulic disc brakes with 160 millimeter rotors provide reliable stopping power, ensuring your safety even at high speeds.

Adjustable Suspension: The King 750 features adjustable front suspension with a lockout switch, allowing you to fine-tune your ride experience. While the necessity of such a feature on an e-bike with fat tires may be debatable, it does offer flexibility for riders who prefer a more customizable suspension setup.

Removable High-Quality Battery: The internal battery of the King 750 utilizes LG cells, which are known for their higher quality and durability. With a capacity of 20 amp hours, the battery offers an impressive range of approximately 47 to 53 miles under full battery assist. The built-in battery management system (BMS) ensures efficient charging and monitoring of the battery’s health. Plus, the removable design allows for easy charging and replacement.

Impressive Performance: The King 750 delivers on its promise of a thrilling ride experience. The reviewer noted the bike’s excellent power delivery, responsive throttle, and smooth handling. The motor’s torque proved more than sufficient, even on challenging uphill terrains, making it suitable for riders of varying weights and skill levels.


Limited Gear Range: The King 750 features a 7-speed shifter system from Shimano, which is considered entry-level. While the gear system works adequately, some riders may find themselves wanting more gears, especially when the battery starts to drain or when faced with steep inclines. A wider gear range, such as a 9-speed system, would have provided greater flexibility and improved performance in demanding conditions.

Handlebar Design: The King 750’s handlebars, although functional, may not suit everyone’s preferences. The reviewer expressed a preference for wider handlebars, as they offer a more comfortable grip and better control. While this is a subjective aspect, it’s worth considering if you have specific handlebar preferences or prioritize ergonomic design.

Entry-Level Components: Some components of the King 750, such as the shifters, are considered entry-level. The Shimano tourney shifters, while functional, lack the finesse and precision of higher-end shifters. Upgrading to a more advanced shifting system, like the Altus or Deore, would enhance the overall riding experience.

Final Thoughts

The King 750 e-bike from DYU impresses with its powerful motor, sturdy construction, and exceptional performance. It offers a thrilling ride experience, thanks to its responsive acceleration, reliable braking, and adaptable suspension. The high-quality removable battery and LG cells ensure extended range and durability. However, the limited gear range and handlebar design may be areas of improvement for future iterations. Despite these drawbacks, the King 750 remains a solid choice for riders seeking a capable and affordable e-bike that excels in various terrains and conditions.

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