Creative Halo Review – Brighten up your party mood with lights and sound

Creative Halo Review – There are lots of Bluetooth speakers in the market right now which makes it hard to choose the right one to get at times.

Creative iRoar, for example, sounds really, really good & loud but it’s definitely not the lightest Bluetooth speaker to be carried around. Tinier ones offer more portability, but at the expense of sound or power.

This Creative Halo, definitely stands among the crowded market of Bluetooth speakers, bringing something new and exciting to the table: your own personal lightshow.

Creative Halo Review – Packaging

Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-2 Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-3

Creative Halo Review – Design & Features

Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-7

Creative Halo brings a fully programmable lightshow with support of up to 16.8 million colours. The Halo’s lights can be set to a whole solid colour if you like, but why go boring? Creative Halo supports multiple colour running on the whole light panel in unison (which reminds me of Razer Chroma lighting).

Each effect also has customised settings that can be modified via the free Xpectra Lightshow Control app on an iPhone or Android phone.

IMG_3008 IMG_3007

A button on top of Halo toggles between the different lighting patterns (glows, blinks, etc) and there are also other playback controls. These do not have background lighting and have the same colour with the panel, which can be challenging to see in the dark.

Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-8 Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-15

But the most exciting feature in my opinion, is for Halo to be able to pulse along with the beat of your music:

It’s quite hypnotic in a cool way and would certainly add a spice into the party’s mood (or when you are listening on your own).

Design wise, Creative Halo looks really beautiful and minimalist. I personally love how the team designs the light panels with reflective mirror to look like it’s fading away in 3D. Even when the speaker is off, it brings a good aesthetic value on the desk.

Apart from Bluetooth, the speaker also supports the good, old 3.5mm wired connection which supports a wide range of audio devices. Surprisingly, the speaker also has a built-in microphone so you can use it to take calls, if you like.

It weighs half a kilo and has an attached strap, making it pretty easy to carry around with battery life of roughly around 8 hours (which should depend on which lighting effects you have it on).

Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-12 Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-14

In terms of sound, Creative Halo doesn’t sound bad but not overly exciting either. It’s really hard not to compare it to the iRoar or the AXX 200 higher sound quality, but Creative Halo costs hundreds less and has a unique lightshow for the mood. It all depends on what you need/want, I guess.

The volume can go very loud and fill the entire room with your favourite tunes, which is great.

It is advertised with having deep, big bass so I set my expectation to be too high before I unboxed it. In the end, it appears that it can output a decent Bass, but it’s no where like Bose’s bass quality (well, again, the Creative Halo is around AU $129.95 and those with bigger power normally would cost $150-$200 more). You can feel the Bass on certain types of songs with specific low frequencies, but at times your ears have to be close to the speaker to be able to feel it.

Creative Halo Review – Conclusion

Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker-10

Overall, Creative Halo Bluetooth Speaker brings an exciting lightshow, an eye candy to go along with your favourite tunes. It connects via Bluetooth fast without problems, has a 3.5mm support, built-in microphone so you can do a conference audio call with friends and family, and quite portable to carry to a small party.

If you don’t really care about the lights, there are other Bluetooth speakers to be grabbed with better sound. However, if you fall in love the moment you see Creative Halo’s pictures and videos, the lightshow will not disappoint you.

Disclosure: Creative Halo review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine

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