Contest Winners Announcement

This is an announcement of the winners for my August 2008 Contest (Winning 3 Doman Name + Web Hosting for one whole year)!

Without further ado, the winners are….. *drum rolls*
The winners (for the free domain name + hosting):

  1. Feabionsu (If you’ve been following my blog, I guess you all must have already guessed this lol) wins the hosting plan from LunarPages.
  2. Rjani, wins the hosting plan from Hightek Hosting.
  3. Yan, wins the hosting plan from Think411.
  4. Wiehanne – 2 weeks of free advertising on my blog (and I’ll give you a bonus of 1000 EntrecardCredits for being active “behind my back” – stumbling my posts and giving me good traffic from your contest post :) )

Congratulations guys!

My deepest gratitude goes especially to Feabionsu who has put TREMENDOUS efforts in this contest (read his comments on what he has done on the first contest post). I believe it’s not just I that have noticed him on this blog, but also my other fellow readers. I can’t simply thank you enough and I just wish that I can give you something more than the prize :( You have also taught me what hard work actually means in marketing your blog. There’s no point in having good contents if people don’t know about them. I like people with strong determination and conviction. You are one of them ;) I said that I have reserved a prize for a special friend and that is you, buddy.

Same gratitude goes to Rjani. I guess he’s on his school camp by the time of this announcement lol :) He has also put a lot of effort in spreading the contest and making himself noticeable on my blog. I’m sure he’s also motivated by Feabionsu throughout the contest and I’d like to thank you too for all the efforts, especially on Yahoo Answers, spreading the news.

As for Yan, although you thought that your effort is probably nothing compared to these 2 guys, you have actually given continual support to this blog (even before there was a contest). During the contest, you had good interactions with these 2 guys and it didn’t go unnoticed. Having a loyal reader interacting with other readers on my blog is a lovely thing to do and shouldn’t go unrewarded.

As for Wiehanne, I’m sorry that the last prize may look puny compared to other main prizes :D Hope the extra 1000 EC helps.

Congrats again to the four of you. I really hope that I’ll still see you around after the contest. I will contact each of you personally to give and discuss further with the prizes.

For the other participants/contestants, thank you so much for your effort and participation. Unfortunately these guys have surpassed you throughout the contest. I hope that during your subscription to my posts, your love has grown for this blog and I’m surely hoped that you will still stay subscribed after this. Or at least, drop by every now and then to my blog.

Of course, last but not least, thank you for the sponsors, especially to Lunarpages, think411, and Hightek Hosting. This contest wouldn’t be big if not without you guys!

Thanks again and looking forward in organizing the next contest ;)

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