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Complete iPhone Accessories from XVIDA for your iPhone

If you’ve just got your shiny, new iPhone and looking for a complete set of accessories, you’ve come at the right place. We’ve got some samples here from XVIDA to protect and charge your iPhone wherever you are – at home, or in the car.

Without further ado, let’s drill down and check them out.

XVIDA Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

XVIDA Magnetic iPhone case has a built-in magnetic solution within the case that works in tandem with the other XVIDA accessories. It’s a shock-absorbent TPU case and does not feel too bulky.

The case certainly offers a good amount of protection from drops and bumps, and also a better grip than the slippery, naked iPhone body. A firm grip is what I’ve been missing from the slimmer case by Caudabe that I’ve been using.

Power and volume buttons are protected, and there are enough space on the ports to plug a charging cable like usual.

Charging on any wireless charging pad also works even when you have the case on.

XVIDA Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Desk Stand

XVIDA Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Desk Stand offers an optimum viewing angle, compared to placing your phone on a flat, wireless charging pad on the desk. This is something that I appreciate because I don’t have to do that awkward, FaceID unlock movement each time someone sends me a message while I’m working.

While your iPhone is on the desk stand, you can see the screen each time there’s a notification. Plus, you can then unlock the phone and respond with ease.

It’s also equipped with a dual-mode Fast Charging System (7.5W / 10W) to charge your phones as fast as possible. Plus, it looks good on the desk.

XVIDA Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Suction Mount

XVIDA Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Suction Mount is another accessory to complete your charging needs on the go. Designed to again, complement the XVIDA Magnetic case and comes with a strong suction mount for the car windshield.

The suction & magnetic force are strong to ensure your phone stays on it even when the road is bumpy. It also supports the dual, fast charging like the stand.

Due to the magnetic design, the Wireless Charging Desktop Stand and Suction Mount only work with phones that have the XVIDA magnetic cases. The magnetic force is strong which means the phone will be kept steady on both the stand and suction mount. But yeah, change the case to another brand and both will somewhat be useless here because there are no other mechanisms to hold the phone on.

You can grab XVIDA Magnetic Card at least, but it may depend the case dimension that you are using. It is far easier to use XVIDA case, unless if you don’t like the design somehow.

If you like the XVIDA Magnetic case and don’t have a wireless charging pad or a solution for car charging, these accessories will be satisfying to use. They charge fast and hold the phone sturdily while charging.

Disclosure: XVIDA accessories were supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

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