Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare PC Game Review


Multiplayer is probably where this game shines. I said, probably, because I, myself, don’t really like the multiplayer experience. It’s fast and breath taking alright, but I found that there are too many camping spots on the maps. Not that it is bad, but when you do get shot down from campers a few times in a row, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about. As well as a team deathmatch, you will also find missions like planting/defusing the bomb, assaulting/defending an HQ, etc.

You select a class at the beginning of a mission which limit the sort of weaponry that you can bring and also perks/abilities (Assault class, Demolition class, etc). You unlock more classes and perks when you make more points in the game (by killing, assist in the killing, or by winning the round). Another thing that  I hate during the multiplayer is the grenade spamming. One of the perks give you an ability to have more grenades and on a small map, this can be deadly.. and annoying. On every start of the round, the “spammers” will start spamming grenades and you’d better pray that you are not there when the grenades land.

All in all, the gameplay, the animations, the graphics, the music, and the overall multiplayer experience, make this game a must have if you are looking for a new FPS multiplayer.

[rating:4.5/5] (4.5/5 : single player campaign is too short)

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