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August 2008 Contest Update

Dear readers, I have an update on my August 2008 contest.

I was in contact with Dale Evans, a manager from Hightek Hosting, and managed to get another 1 year of U.S-based hosting + domain name offer for another winner! Isn’t that great news? Not only that, if you decide to renew the hosting at Hightek Hosting, they’ll give you 20% off the original price.

That means 2 lucky winners can have a whole year of free hosting and domain name now! (1 from Think411 and another one from Hightek Hosting)
The third prize is still the same, i.e 2 weeks of free advertising (125×125 banner) on my blog.

UPDATE: You can now win 3x FREE Hosting and Domain Name + 2 weeks of advertising on my blog. Please refer to the updated post here.

Hint: My contest is going to an end next week, so you still have time to be noticeable on my blog. Many participants unfortunately impressed me only for a couple of days and I’ve almost never heard of them anymore. Remember, to be picked as winners, you have to noticeable throughout the contest period! :)

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