Aranez Mirage iPhone 4/4S Case giveaway winners


Thank you for those who have participated in the Aranez iPhone 4/4S case giveaway. Two winners have been picked based on the best answer given and I will be in contact with you personally to get your shipping details. Loved some of the answers but unfortunately only 2 can be picked.

Without further ado, here are the 2 winners for the Aranez cases.

The winners are:

  1. Schmidty
  2. Penny aka jeroxie

Congratulations, guys! For the others who don’t win, do not be sad as there are still more exciting giveaways here at Craving Tech! Next in line are System Mechanic 10.7 for Windows licenses in a day or two!

I realise there weren’t many participants even though the prizes will be shipped worldwide. If you have any feedback on why you didn’t participate and how it could be improved, that’d be awesome (Don’t have iPhone 4S? Too troublesome? Not enough chances to win?)

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