Are Your Apple Gadgets iOS 7 Ready?

iOS 7

iOS 7 compatibility – Apple has finally unveiled the iOS 7 and it is a fresh new take on an operating system that was once innovative but has gone stale over the last few years.

The iOS 7 has obviously taken inspiration from other OS, particularly with the addition of a control center that can be accessed from any page. Aside from that, the OS has also added a few more features that make the interface prettier but at the same time more usable. From the unified field for the URL and search in Safari, to the preview pages of all open apps, this new version breathes new life to the Apple OS.

But like what happened with the Windows Phone 8 OS; there will be Apple mobile products that will not be compatible with the new iOS version. If you could remember, The Windows Phone 8 was launched in the Nokia Lumia 920 and all previous Nokia Lumia phones were not compatible with it. It had a large effect on the sales of Nokia but that is just the way it is. The software just evolved beyond the limits of the old devices.

While it’s not as bad as what’s happened to Windows and Nokia, the same is happening with the iPhones and the iPads.

Who will not get iOS7?

Of course, the iPad 1 is no longer compatible with iOS 7; it is not even compatible with iOS 6. Then there is the iPhone 3G. While it was still able to get the iOS 6, there were some features that it was not able to support. This time, it will not get the iOS 7 at all. Same goes for the iPod Touch 4th generation and older.

In fact, the only Apple devices that will actually get the full spectrum of features from the new iOS 7 will be the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5th generation. Even the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, which are both relatively new, will be missing some features.

What features will you be missing out on?

As said above, only the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5th Gen will enjoy all the features of the iOS 7. If you own an older device, there will be key features that will be missing.

Let us start with iPad 2. It will be easier to list down what will be included from the iOS 7 than what’s going to be missing because the only features the iPad 2 will get are the improved Siri and iTunes Radio. The iPad 3, on the other hand, will get most of the features except for Airdrop, the camera’s new filters, and Panorama mode.

The iPhone4S, like the iPad 3, will be getting most of the new features except for AirDrop and the new camera filters. The iPhone 4 will also be missing those in addition to Siri and the Panorama camera mode.

The iPad 4 and iPad Mini will only miss the Panorama mode and the new camera filters.

There is no word yet as to when the new version will roll out. Hopefully, the new iOS7 will be available before the year ends.

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