ANZ goMoney iPhone app – WOW factor x 5!!

ANZ Go Money

ANZ Bank released an iPhone application today called ANZ goMoney. Now, I thought this would be just another iPhone native app to check your balance, transfer some money around, and all that (like what other banking applications do). However, ANZ goMoney is so much more! There is this feature called “mobile payments” and it’s totally revolutionary (at least I think so!).

ANZ goMoney Mobile Payments

ANZ goMoney mobile payment

So what is this all about? Basically, using the ANZ goMoney iPhone application, you can transfer money from your account to anyone just by using their mobile number! “How does that work”, you asked? When you use the app to transfer the money to a mobile number you specify, ANZ will send an SMS with an instruction on how to claim the money.

It basically has a code and a URL to where you can claim the transferred money (ANZ Secure Claim website). You enter the Claim Code, mobile number (to confirm your identity), and then your Bank’s BSB and Account Number. The best thing is, you don’t even need to be an ANZ customer to claim the money!

I can already see a particular event that often happens to me (and you): You are having lunch with friends and then realize that you haven’t got enough money in your wallet. You then ask for some cash from your friend and promise him/her to return the money back when you see him/her again. The problem is, will you remember paying him/her back? With ANZ goMoney, you can pay him/her on the spot using the Mobile Payment feature and you don’t even need to ask for the BSB/Acc No, etc. You can do this anytime you like, anywhere you are!

The application also has an added security apart from a 512-bit encryption: Once downloaded and registered, the app can only be used on your iPhone with only your PIN. It can’t be accessed on any other mobile phone. Should your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can call ANZ to disable the ANZ goMoney access from the phone (considering that the thief knows your PIN somehow).

There are some good videos about ANZ goMoney over at ANZ goMoney official site. Worth having a look, especially if you are banking with ANZ.

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