An activity tracker with a fashion statement – Runtastic Moment Classic Review

Runtastic Moment Classic Review – We are entering the era of activity bands, activity watches, and smart watches to remind us to stay active and healthy. If you don’t really need a watch to pay for your meals or to make calls, then either an activity band or activity watch is usually good enough for you.

Gone were the days where activity watches look like Ben 10 watches. This activity watch from Runtastic does not just look good, but looks really, really good.

The Runtastic Moment series (Fun, Basic, Classic, Elite) focus on tracking your activities and also the time. An activity tracker/watch. The model I have here to review from Runtastic is the Moment Classic that looks just like a regular watch. And not just having “a regular watch look”, but the best looking one in my opinion.

Runtastic Moment Classic Review – Packaging

Runtastic Moment Classic-1 Runtastic Moment Classic-3

Runtastic Moment Classic Review – Looks and Design

Runtastic Moment Classic-4 Runtastic Moment Classic-5

It has a traditional and classic design of a watch, and it hits the spot in terms of fashion. Upon more than a week of wearing the watch every day, none of my friends realised that I was wearing an activity tracker/watch. To them, it looks just like a regular watch, a fashion accessory on my wrist.

Runtastic Moment Classic does look bulkier on a closer look and weighs heavier than a regular watch, but it’s barely noticeable when worn on the wrist. It’s a classy, nice looking watch with scratch-proof glass.

Runtastic Moment Classic-11

The leather strap that comes with it is beautiful, elegant, and seems to be made with good quality material. The combination of black leather strap with the silver stainless steel works well in complementing each other. There is also a Rose option with black leather strap or Gold with brown leather strap, so plenty of fashion picks for both gents and the ladies. The leather band is also interchangeable and can be swapped easily with another in a matter of seconds.

The hour and minute hands are slightly luminescent (just noticed after days of wearing it) and there is an extra, smaller progress indicator to indicate how far you are to reach your goals for today.

Runtastic Moment Classic-7 Runtastic Moment Classic-12

These hands sync to your Smartphone (I was testing it on the iPhone 6s) and it’s somewhat pleasing to the eye to see these hands moved on their own when I calibrated the watch with my phone.

There are lots of praises on the looks and design, but what about its tracking features?

Runtastic Moment Classic Review – Tracker and Functionalities


As an activity tracker, it comes with the usual tracking capabilities we all know from an activity tracker: daily steps, active minutes, burned calories, sleep, and handy extras like a silent alarm or an idle reminder.

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There is no heart rate monitoring on the Moment Classic and sleep tracking needs to be activated manually by pressing and holding the watch’s only physical button for a couple of seconds. Other modern activity trackers normally have both heart rate monitoring and automated sleep tracking (or either one), but I assume this feature takes a huge toll on the battery life.

Runtastic Moment Classic-8 Runtastic Moment Classic-9

In a strange way, having both features missing is actually a plus in Runtastic Moment Classic. This is because the watch is using a non-rechargeable, regular Coin Cell Battery that can last up to 6 months. Less feature means less times its battery needs to be replaced. Runtastic also includes a tool to replace the battery yourself, so you can save some cash from having to pay a shop to do it for you.

The free app is well designed and well polished. It shows all of the activities the watch tracks and you can also change a few settings.

However, the basic tracking stats and settings are as good as you can get unless if you pay for the Premium access every month. At the moment, without the subscription, you can only set your goal to be Steps or Active Minutes. You cannot even change the current 8,000 steps daily goal to 10,000 unless if you go for the premium membership. As for the stats, you can only keep and see it up to a week if you don’t go for the Premium.


Runtastic Moment Classic Review Conclusion

Runtastic Moment Classic-10

It’s a bit hard to evaluate the value of Runtastic Moment Classic. It is definitely one of the most beautiful looking activity watches around that you can wear with pride. It doesn’t look geeky or feels like a man’s bracelet, but more than that, it really looks fashionable. It looks great with a shirt, a blazer, or even a suit. The looks is perfect to me.

On the other end, however, Runtastic only gives you the basic features that may or may not be enough to some. Having the daily goal locked to 8,000 steps is a bummer, for example. You can’t also compare your progress from a month ago unless if you pay the premium price monthly, and there are many more nifty things that are locked on the basic/free account. If you only like the looks, you can just get a cheaper, regular watch and save some bucks.

So, if you are looking for a great looking activity tracker that you will want to wear every day, but don’t really need all the missing components unless if you subscribe monthly, you will not be disappointed by Runtastic Moment Classic. But if you are serious in keeping track of your stats and do more tweaking to get healthy, you are probably better with getting another activity tracker that gives you more value for money.

Disclosure: Review sample was supplied for reviewing, but all opinions are mine and not paid

Runtastic Moment Classic Pros

  • Great looking activity tracker, one of the best
  • Great looking (okay, I said it twice, but it is great looking)
  • Can be worn on any occasion and it will still look good on you
  • Water resistant (up to 100 meters)
  • 6 month battery life, no need to recharge
  • Well designed and polished app
  • Interchangeable band

Runtastic Moment Classic Cons

  • Doesn’t automatically detect when you sleep
  • Basic stats and features, unless you go for a Premium subscription
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