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Amazon releases new, lightest, and thinnest Kindle

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Amazon Kindle Oasis – Amazon just released a new Kindle, the most popular electronic reader for reading e-books from Amazon.

The new Amazon Kindle Oasis has a new redesigned model which makes it 30% thinner and 20% lighter than the other Amazon Kindle models.

There is a new, handy ergonomic hand grip for both left and right handed users (the Kindle automatically adjusts and rotates the screen accordingly) to make it even easier to read with just one hand. Combined with the lightweight design (weighs around 130 grams only), the Kindle Oasis will definitely be comfortable to use single-handedly for a long period of time.

It comes with a new leather charging cover (weighs 107 grams) that charges your Kindle while it’s on, practically adding months of battery life to the Kindle Oasis. They can also be both charged simultaneously.

Kindle Oasis cover

With tablets like the iPad getting thinner and slimmer, you’d think that there is no market for Amazon Kindle. Oh, there is, especially for those who just want to read e-books while they commute or on the go.

Amazon Kindle is lighter, slimmer, easier to carry, and most importantly, can retain its battery life much longer than a tablet (months compared to hours)!

Sure, you can’t play games or do something powerful with a Kindle but if reading is what you are after, then there is no better experience than doing it on a Kindle, especially on Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis.


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