AirFly Pro Deluxe gives you the complete package to enjoy in-flight entertainment on Bluetooth

I’ve been using the AirFly Pro for years now each time I went into a flight. The convenience of watching the in-flight entertainment via Bluetooth to my headphones is just too good. Gone were the days of having the headphones cable everywhere while you watch – which made it hard each time you wanted to go to the restroom.

The AirFly Pro Deluxe from Twelve South is for those who do not have an AirFly Pro yet, but want to get one. The Deluxe edition includes a new, beautifully designed suede travel pouch and also an airline adapter with the same design as the AirFly Pro. It’s the complete package.

The premium suede bag has a great fit to store the AirFly Pro, the airline adapter, and a small USB cable to recharge the AirFly Pro. The bag is secured with a button, and there are two separate compartments inside to store the different bits and pieces.

The AirFly Pro is still that same, handy gadget we love—there is no redesign here. It’s a bit of a shame though; I personally wish it had a newer or improved design with the Deluxe edition (maybe make it smaller or something less dangling).

To use the AirFly Pro, it’s pretty simple. Just plug it into the in-flight entertainment system using the included airline adapter and just press and hold the main button to start pairing. Do the same with your Bluetooth headphones (I’ve been using the Bose QC45 recently), and they will pair up automatically.

Note that this also works with everything else that has an AUX/3.5mm audio port—not just for the in-flight entertainment system. It basically converts any dumb or wired audio system into a modern, wireless system with Bluetooth connectivity.

In my experience, I’ve never noticed any audio lag whatsoever when watching movies through the AirFly Pro.

AirFly Pro Deluxe is available now and retails for A$109.95. If you already have an airline adapter and don’t need the funky bag, you can also grab the original AirFly Pro for A$89.95.

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