How to get a 24 inch LCD Full HD 1080p for just AUD$252.55

acer p244WB full HD 1080p

If you are living in Australia, then you are lucky. ACER P244 WB is a 24 inch LCD Monitor priced at AUD$548 at OfficeWorks and has an RRP of AUD$999 (from Acer’s site).

ACER P244 WB specification:
Display Size: 24” Wide, 547 x 352mm
Dot Pitch: 0.276mm
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Brightness: 300 nits cd/ m2
Contrast Ratio: 20000:1 (ACM)
Maximum Refresh Rate: 1920 x 1080 @ 75Hz

Viewing Angle: 170° (H), 160° (V)
Response Time: 2ms GTG
Input Signal: VGA (Analog D-sub)+ 2 x HDMI
Speaker: None
Power Adaptor: Internal
Power Consumption: <75W
Kensington Lock: Supported
Pivot: NA
Height Adjustable: NA
Weight and Dimensions: 7kg, 569 x 418 x 207 mm
Compliance: C-Tick (AS/NZS 60950)

Here is what you need to do to get the ACER P244W LCD monitor for just AUD$252.55 (or US$166.75).

  1. Print the catalogue from MSY (the cheapest computer shop ever :)). At the moment this post is written, the price is AUD$349.
  2. Bring the form to Officeworks because they have an offer to beat any price 5% lower. Good for you, bad for them! After 5% discount, the price now becomes AUD$331.55.
  3. ACER has an AUD$79 rebate offer (please double check whether the offer still exists by the time you are reading this) in which you can claim from ACER’s Cash back claim page. After cashback, the price will now be AUD$252.55.
  4. Laugh and enjoy your new 24 inch Full HD 1080p!


  • Officeworks need to call MSY (or any other store) to confirm the stock availability.
  • You’ll have to wait for a few months before you can get the cheque from Acer’s cash back offer.
  • You must be prepared to see the Officeworks staff’s frown face when you show them the MSY catalogue :) (What do you expect? They are selling the monitor for AUD$548 and you are buying it for AUD$252.55!)

My boss and I bought 2 of them from Officeworks for the office to replace my 2x 19″ CRT monitor last week. So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

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