Win a dual SIM Android phone at Craving Tech

Win an Android phone

Have you ever wanted to try out an Android smartphone? Or perhaps you don’t want to make that jump yet from an iPhone, BlackBerry, or a Windows Phone? How about winning an Android smartphone at Craving Tech and give the Android OS a whirl?

Thanks to FocalPrice, we have an Android phone for you to give away and send at your door if you win (I reviewed some gadgets from FocalPrice in the past).

The phone has a 3.5″ multi-touch capacitive screen, 1 GHz processor, and 256MB of RAM. Obviously, this is no Samsung GALAXY S3, but the phone does not look bad and it also has a Dual SIM Card slot!

Dual sim phone

It weighs 99 grams and powered by the Android operating system 4.0.3. For a complete spec, feel free to have a look at the official product page.

Even when you already have your own Android smartphone, having a backup phone won’t hurt, especially if you can insert 2 SIM cards at the same time into a single phone for different purposes (different business, etc).

Android phone

How to win a FocalPrice Android SmartPhone


  1. Like Craving Tech’s Facebook fan page
  2. Write a comment with your name, email address (to be notified when the contest ends) and what phone you are using at the moment.
  3. Use the widget below to join and earn points. Share this post and every visit to this post from a friend will earn you an extra point.

The participant with the highest point will win this phone. I will contact you by email so I can forward your shipping details to the sponsor (they will then ship/post the phone to you).

This contest will run from 19 December 2012 @6:00 PM AEST to 9 January 2012 @6PM AEST. One winner will then be selected. All the best, everyone and share this news!

Terms and Conditions:

  • Eligibility: Worlwide
  • Prize cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash

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Michael Aulia

Owner, Founder at Craving Tech
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  1. Sylvia Ortiz says

    I am currently using a Nokia C6-01 which I just recently purchased online, after using a T-Mobile Sidekick 2009 for over a year, (which did not get wi-fi as this certain model was discontinued from internet usage by Microsoft), but am unable to connect to Google Apps as this model is not compatible with their software.

  2. Mohammad Wasiullah says

    Thanks for giveaway i was never expect for this good phone Thanks again, Michael

    i am using currently using Black berry

  3. ashish says

    using nokia 2700 classic..
    but i really need an android phone right now. I can’t test all of my apps on the emulator.


    Im only using Motorola L7 and hoping to win this awesome dual SIM Android phone to change my 12 years old phone..

  5. leo rances garcia says

  6. mike s. says

    optimus elite on virgin mobile. decent all around… not great, not even really “good”. I wish I could afford better.

  7. dianne david says


    Im only using motorola L7 no wifi, 12 years old now and this is all i’ve got. I’m just hoping that i am the lucky winner of these awesome phone…

  9. says

    I used Samsung tablet and galaxy as 3 this phone very useful phone so many features.I used to installed more apps in it.I wish to that Samsung earlier introduce a tablet with in dual Sims am waiting for it.

  10. says

  11. Denver C. Dacles says

    i like very much the looks, style and specs of the amazing phone. i hope i could win this right now im using samsung 1. pls consider me to win this amazing phone i like to try new things that could help me more in future thanks god bless

  12. mateth dal says

  13. says

  14. says

    hi! i am using a dual sim phone, the myphone, the myheroes edition since 2010. i would like to have a new dual sim phone and this one is just right for me, hope i could get one like this android phone.

  15. SYRA says

  16. Kelly Castillote says

  17. heather holmberg says

    I am currently using a very old blackberry .. it is soooo old that it no longer will do updates .. basically i text and bbm on it … i need help !

  18. charity says

  19. says

    Well, i am using Nokia 5233 right now :) I would like to get this android device from CravingTech, If rafflecopter choose me randomly :)
    Good luck all freinds..

  20. Lori Gauthier says

  21. Becky Richied says

    I am currently using a Blackberry Storm 2, currently it doesnt even hold a charge, it’s very frustrating…LOL

  22. Tina says

    I am using an android but it is a ZTE990G. Runs very slow so I would love to have a new android phone. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  23. Gilie Camungay says

  24. garyfontanoz says

    o.m.g….if i will have this it will be my first ever phone that is so nice…nice to see,nice to use,nice for the study,nice for me cause it is high tech….from 1208 phone going to his o.m.g

  25. garyfontanoz says

    if i will have this it will be my first ever phone that is so nice…nice to see,nice to use,nice for the study,nice for me cause it is high tech….from 1208 phone going to his o.m.g

  26. Lori says

    My name’s Lori, and I’m currently using an iPhone. Would love to try an Android. I’ve fanned you on Facebook.

  27. Cyvelle Torefiel says

  28. Christian Ampoloquio says

    Right now i’m only using a basic Call and Text phone from my previous QWERTY phone (That got lost one night going home from a TAXI). I’m been wanting ever since to have a smartphone or an android phone because i want to try using apps and these kind of phones are the awesome phones right now. I can’t afford to purchase one right now, although there are cheaper one but the quality and the right specs of the phone is so minimal and sometimes not worth it. I hope to be given a chance to own it one day! Good luck to all! and Happy New Year! ;)

  29. Salve says

    I’m currently using a Cherry Mobile D20i. It’s been mine for almost 2 years. Really wish to win this raffle. Thanks. :)

  30. Salve says

    I’m currently using a Cherry Mobile D20i. It’s been mine for almost 2 years. Really wish to win this raffle so I won’t be behind anymore. Thanks. :)

  31. says

    i wish i am the one who win that ph0ne, im using nokia 5130 xpressmusic for 2years coz i dont have m0ney to buy hitech gadgets,. sorry f i cant share this to fb friends coz im just using my ph0ne in connecting facebook..tnx

  32. Ej Baldicaño says

    I have a very cheap cellphone .. nokia 1280. It’s a good phone for texting and calls but I would be happy if I will have an android phone .. ^_^

  33. Cool says

    I am using Nokia N95. It would be awesome to be able to test out this Android device (I might be a bit ignorant when come to mobile device) as I can’t find any retail shop selling this model nearby my area.

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  34. Hanna Abejo says

  35. michelle fall says

  36. Sue Barney says

    My smart phone died so Im just using a cheap do nuttin special phone at the moment! Thx for the chance :)

  37. Sara Fletcher says

    I have possibly the worst phone ever, I actually preferred this old Nokia phone that only displayed the text version of FB, pretty dumb. It was better than this Windows phone I have that randomly has no audio capabilities & eats all my candy ay night. I would burn that phone as a sacrifice to whoever handles phone sacrifices for a new phone.

  38. says

    I don’t own a cell phone and never have. I can’t afford one. I was going to enter and I always post contests on FB, Pinterest and Twitter but I see this is a popularity contest and only 4 days left, which means no chance of winning…especially when there are huge websites and FB pages that have tens or hundreds of thousands of people following. Ordinary people can’t compete with that. I hate contests where the winner is picked on most votes or likes or whatever, because people will trade votes for each other (there are sites for just that on FB) or pay people to vote for them. I have seen far too many contests end up with someone winning whose entry had no merit next to others that didn’t have 5000 friends. So, I’m out but hopefully someone will win that hasn’t already won tons of prizes already by the ways I mentioned.

  39. says

  40. Christina McQueen says

  41. Rachel Anne Del Rosario says

    Rachel Anne Del Rosario
    I’m currently using Nokia X2-O1 how i wish to have an android phone. :)

  42. says

  43. Cassandra Gordon says

    I am using an “ancient” iPhone 3…. le sigh! I could certainly use an upgrade as it moves as fast as the speed of smell and turns off randomly – lol!

  44. sara kover says

    an htc Mytouch 4G with a back that is being held on with duct tape, I have an extended battery in it and the back it came with doesn’t fit well, I usually keep it in a phone case but when I had to get the extended battery the case no longer fits it.i have had this phone almost 2 1/2 years, its time for a new one!!

  45. Jodi Boulier says

    Believe it or not I am still using a old flip phone…nothing fancy about it at all, I receive calls and can txt! whoohooo

  46. Corey Olomon says

    My worst moment was when my son got frustrated at a game on my phone and threw my brand new iphone into the fireplace!

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