How to post to Google+, Twitter, and Facebook at the same time

Sync Google Plus

How to post to Google+, Twitter, and Facebook at the same time – Being overwhelmed by the current social media yet? If you are on Google+ too, then you must have been wondering how to update your Google+, Twitter, and Facebook status simultaneously. I’m sure Hootsuite, TweetDeck, and other applications are going to add Google+ in, but with Agent G, you can simply add  “Agent G” on the “people to share it with” on Google+ to update your Twitter and Facebook status at the same time. It can’t get any easier than that and this way, you can control which status that you want to share simultaneously without having to install a browser extension or a desktop app.

How to post to Twitter and Facebook from Google+ simultaneously

  1. Go to and sign in with your Facebook and/or Twitter account (if you want to post to both social networks, you have to sign in to both of them and do the next instructions for each)
  2. Just follow the instructions on the page (by sending the authentication key to Agent G on Google+, etc). Note that you need to send the Authentication to Agent G as a person (not as/in a Circle)
    Send message to Agen G
  3. Refresh that page and you should see the green ticks if you follow the instructions corretly (both on “Connected to Twitter” and “Connected to Facebook”)
    Sync Google Twitter Facebook simultaneously
  4. To start posting status to the 3 social networks simultaneously, you need to add “Agent G” like you did earlier to authenticate. The status will then be passed on to your Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

Here is an example. I posted a photo of the LED light bulb samples arriving today to be reviewed on my Google+. Unfortunately, sharing status works to all of the social networks but it doesn’t have the picture (or the link). So you may need to upload your pic somewhere else first if you want to share a photo to all of the social networks. Simple status message works fine though, just make sure it’s under 160 characters (Twitter’s limitation).

On Google+:

Google Plus

On Twitter:


On Facebook:


It may take a minute or two before the status appears on Twitter/Facebook though so wait a bit.

Source: Read Write Web

Even though it hasn’t supported sharing photos yet, I think this is good enough when you want to share a simple status message on the 3 major social network at the same time. Syncing Google+ status with Twitter and Facebook is simple with Agent G after the set-up.

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  • Techgravy

    This is a new way.I use Google Chrome extension ‘Start G’ with same function.

    • Michael Aulia

      Ah.. I guess as long as they serve the same purpose, it’s up to you on using a method that you like!

  • Chris Sasaki

    Great! Synced to both Facebook and Twitter. But, oops, now I don’t think I want to sync to both. How do I un-sync with Twitter? Thanks!

    • Michael Aulia

      Hi Chris.. hm.. sorry I didn’t know how to do this. Not even sure if it’s possible. If you can find a contact for the Agent G thing, you might want to ask there

    • Chris Sasaki

      No worries, I got it. In Twitter, I went to Settings > Applications. I simply “Revoked Access” to…hmm…now I forget, either “Google+” or “Agent G.”

    • Michael Aulia

      Ahh..good point. Will make a note of that. Guess it will be a similar process if we want to stop it syncing to our Facebook account :)

    • Chris Sasaki

      I can no longer post to Facebook from Google+. I didn’t change anything so perhaps Facebook has done something to unsync from G+. Understandable, I suppose.

  • CraftyMummy

    Thanks, Michael. I wondered whether there was a way to do this. I’d love to send the updates to my FB fan page rather than my personal FB page, but it doesn’t look like I can at this stage.

    • Michael Aulia

      Yeah, I wish there’s that option. For now, we can only hope that applications such as TweetDeck or Seesmic adds Google+ in soon

  • Steve Cattell

    Lol. Google Plus already seems to be taking over the giants – Facebook and Twitter. I’ve always used the Google Chrome extension which is called something like “Start G” or something. Nice to know another method!

    • Michael Aulia

      Yeah, it has so many millions of users in less than a week and they haven’t even opened up for public, I guess?

      Good to see it’s not another of Google Wave’s failure

  • Ali Davut

    Best way to share posts from Google+ to Facebook or Twitter is

    • Omar

      Great! is there a way to turn share on-off in mobile?

  • Drag

    Great! I was searching for something like that. Thanks for posting. :)

  • Abdulqader Kapadia

    I was really thinking of developing a similar service. But Internet is so damn quick – you just think of an idea and it’s there available on the monstrous Web.

  • Abdulqader Kapadia

    I was thinking of developing a similar service to share content among all social networks via one single spot. But the Internet is so damn quick – you think of an idea and it’s available on the monstrous Web. :(

  • Omar

    This work very good for web, thanks. Do you know how it works for mobile? The only way to share with Rob McGee is by circle in mobile and to make this work you have to share individually with Rob McGee. Best Regards

  • zipdrive

    Hmmm… any way to do it the other way around? I mean, post something to Twitter and have it show up on my Google+ stream?

    Another note is one should consider that since this is done through sharing with Rob Mcgee (of which there are several, BTW), your privacy has gone to hell.

  • rakesh kumar

    Great tips micheal, but as i am using networked blog to update my profile on facebook and twitter, is it possible only to update google+ from wordpress.

  • Josh

    This post is stupid. Why would you use some other guy’s site and share your information. No need for this. Just go to your facebook page and Twitter page and find out your personalized email address to send your status updates to. Then just add this to the status update email list on google+. It will do the same thing. What I would like to do is be able to post status updates on all sites WITH the pictures or youtube video. Otherwise, its’ just crap, and what’s the point.

    • chuck

      I know your post is old but I wanted to address it in case others see it right now. The problem is that facebook will detect that you posted to it in this way and wont always count it as a status update. Why is this a problem? Because if you have a friend who is subscribed to you, it wont notify them that you posted anything. I tried this and my wife was asking how come I hadn’t been on facebook for days, so I use tweetdeck for the time being so at least i can update twitter and facebook at once. It also does seem to count my facebook posts as status updates.

  • Lou Gonzalez

    is there a way to tweet and have it post to a facebook page

  • Fedil

    If you are using an iPhone there is now a neat little app called iStatus+:

  • Aditya

    I have this blog and its posts feed into twitter automatically. Now I want my tweets to go on Google+ automatically too, or the feeds o the Google plus page. Is there a way?

  • Carl

    Can I sync a Facebook page, twitter and Google+? I’ve linked Facebook page and twitter, so I know that part is possible

  • MO

    Use the free app called Blurt-it

  • yumii

    I can’t get this thing working.. :| I followed the instruction above but after I post the authentication key and share it with agent G nothing happens.. if I try to link my Facebook account it keeps responding with an error!.