Auto post WordPress to Facebook fan page

auto post WordPress to Facebook fan page

I have already talked about how to auto post WordPress to Facebook using the WordBook plug-in. The plug-in allows you to automatically post your latest WordPress blog post to your Facebook account. But what if you have a Facebook fan page and you want to keep your personal account separately? By using a Facebook application called NetworkedBlogs, you can automatically post your latest WordPress blog post to a Facebook fan page.

How to do an auto post from WordPress to Facebook fan page

  1. Add the NetworkedBlogs application on your Facebook account (you can do this by searching for “NetworkedBlogs” and then add the application through there).
    search and add Facebook application
  2. Follow the steps to add the application successfully to your account.
  3. After you add it in, go to the Application (through your Facebook profile’s sidebar) and find the “Register a Blog” button on the top of the NetworkedBlogs application.
  4. Fill your Blog Name, URL, and other details in.
  5. Follow the steps to successfully validate the blog and to confirm that you are the author of the blog.
  6. If everything is successful, you should be able to see your blog’s feed on the NetworkedBlogs application page
    Autopost wordpress post to facebook fan page
  7. Now, go to your Facebook fan page (mine is at -be a fan if you haven’t!) and then click on the “Edit Page” on the left sidebar menu.
  8. You should see the NetworkedBlogs application in the list of other applications (assuming you’ve done all the steps correctly)
    NetworkedBlogs application settings
  9. Click on the “Edit” link (just below the NetworkedBlogs title).
  10. You should be able to see all the blogs that you’ve set-up from the previous steps, including your own:

    Make sure you tick on the box under the column heading “Publish to Wall & Show on Tab“.

  11. Save and just follow the last steps (granting permission, etc)

Congratulations, that was easy, wasn’t it? From now on, everytime you publish a post on your WordPress blog, it will also be published to your blog’s fan page’s wall automatically. I’m just wondering how to get an email notification when someone posts a comment on your fan page’s wall though (like you normally do if someone posts something onto your wall).

Many thanks to Ching Ya who told me about this wonderful application on her blog.

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  • MostlyBlog

    Nice post buddy thanks for sharing. i am using this and this is really easy and most important also
    .-= MostlyBlog´s last blog ..Hostgator Coupon Code for May 2010 =-.

    • Michael Aulia

      Do you know how to set the notification so when someone comments on the fan page wall, we get notified?

  • iBlog365


    finally I got it. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Ching Ya

    Thank you so much for the link love, Michael. I’m so happy you’re joining the Facebook page and just went over and ‘like’ your page, commented too. Currently, we can’t be notified on who replied on our page wall unless you liked all your updates (but that wouldn’t be ideal sometimes as well). As for posts by fans (people who liked) the only way is to check regularly. I’m still looking for a solution to this, will keep you posted if I know anything. :)

    thanks again!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Michael Aulia

      Thanks Ching Ya. I’ll open my ears and eyes too and let you know if there is an update on the issue

    • Shai

      Have you found a solution? :)

      It is painful going through 100 photos every hour to see if someone has commented, we sell clothes online. The only alternative we can think off is tagging ourselves in the photos.

      Would be great if we had a way to be notified, why did facebook change it?


  • Loly Rich

    Thank you. Im looking for this one. Nice post!

  • Leah

    One problem with this app, it does NOT like Flickr. I pull from my flickr photos for my blog post. The app posted all my test posts, BUT the one pulling from Flickr.

    Back to the drawing board….

  • Nomad Computer Repair

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have tried a number of apps and websites that promised to link my blog and Facebook Business Page. This is only one that actually worked!

  • MaggieMae

    Super! Just what I was looking for. If you are using as your bloggingplatform, like I am. This oppertunity helps in keeping up with the rest!

  • Fal

    Thanks for this tutorial. I have followed the instructions, unfortunately it isn’t working properly. I must have done something wrong. When creating a new post in my WP blog it doesn’t publish on my Facebook fan page. When doing a test publishing it all works fine and it published the test posts, but still posts I’ve made from my WP blog doesn’t appear. Hope you can tell me what I did wrong.


    • Juan

      You might just give it some time. I set this up last night and created a post on my blog and it didn’t immediately post to my FB page.

      I checked again this morning and it was there. You can see the blog post at and then if you click the facebook icon from there it will take you to the facebook page where you can see the post on the wall.

      Hope that helps!

    • Samantha Evans

      Networked blogs doesn’t recognize the RSS feed for our page in this application.

      Now what?

  • Steve

    I set this up as you said but everything from my blog is going to my personal FB page instead of my FB Fan page. Can you tell me how to make this work for my FB fan page ONLY please?

  • Steve

    Okay I got it to work properly! Sorry about my previous comment.

    Question: Is there anyway to make your app post all my previous blog posts to my fan page wall? I’m talking about blog posts that I’ve done in the past? Can I do that?

    Thanks for a cool application! :-)

  • Erik

    Thank you!!!!

  • tarek

    Thanks .. It Works

  • Arry

    nice one and very help ful

  • Tiffani

    This sounds great! I was trying to add the NetworkedBlogs app to my fan page, under edit page, and it wasn’t coming up. Any advice for what I did wrong?

  • Johanna

    Just wondering if anyone has checked the permission granted to networkedblogs when signing up. I’m a professional photographer and therefore post pictures to my blog. There’s some information in their Terms of Service that might be bothersome. Terms like “…grant NetworkedBlogs the following worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license(s)…” are a little scary. Anyone know the ramifications in non-legalese? Would like to try this app, but I’m understandably hesitant.

  • christine

    arg — I went thru the steps, but all I get is a note on my FB page that says ‘Importing blog feed using NetworkedBlogs’ None of my posts show up, even when I click on ‘share.’ Has something changed in the FB interface?

  • julian

    it good to push the post to facebook social networking is important.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks Michael. I was looking for this. :-)

  • neurosis

    i have use this networkedblog to post my feeds in my fan page but i want to redirect it to my application page is there any way out.

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  • Jack

    Finally i got the topic which i am looking.. Thanks

  • Steve

    I have just spent ages looking at various “solutions” and this post seems to be just what I need.
    Many Thanks

  • Anime

    I’m just curious… how does this work with scheduled posts? I have an Anime website, and I schedule video posts several times a day, sometimes more then one at a time. Will all the scheduled posts be posted on FB at the same time?

  • Darren

    Does this work for Joomla blogs too?

  • ohad


    thanks for the great help, I have created a fan page and linked the WP blog to it. However, is there a way to bring all *OLD* posts from the blog to the fan wall?


  • Mike

    Great tutorial… thanks! Followed the instructions and got it set up perfectly!

  • Mayra Moretti

    Thanks for sharing.. It works!

  • ombeb

    Nice artikel to share. Keep posting.

  • Passegua

    Don’t work, I put the widget for verification, always says: verification failed!
    tooooo bad

  • Carey

    Thanks for your post. It worked but had to do a few more steps than you mentioned in your post. But overall it worked!

    • Michael Aulia

      Glad to hear! If it’s not too much, would be great if you can explain the extra steps too so others who stumbled upon this post can leave a happy chappy :)

  • Simon


    all the links from this app go to either or stay on facebook. Is it possible to change this, and have the app linking to the article on my own blog?

    Thanks for your comments,

  • firma rehberi

    hi, i just want to learn that, is this tutorial could be work in facebook groups? for example, can i post to group page’s wall to my blog entries?

    by the way thanks for informing us with this tutorial. i tried to auto post from wp to facebook, but not yet done. :)

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  • Nabeel

    nice application!

    actually i was thinking of creating my own application for that purpose! and guess what, i may still do it too :P

  • Ashley Higashi

    wow thanks! this is awesome :)

    my facebook page is Coach Ashleysh22 – check it out!

  • Chromatix

    Great post, thanks the networkblogs app is a really good find!
    Much appreciated, great alternative to wordbook and other wordpress plugins!

  • chandima

    i think now auto post on Facebook wall not working

  • Greg Barbe

    Found your site while searching google for “Auto post to Facebook Fan Page”. Appreciate the story.

    You should also note that the application will post to twitter as well.

    Great find!

  • Kris Olin

    Thanks for a great tip. This works just fine, however there is a slightly faster way of doing this as well. You can import your Word Press blog feed into your Facebook Notes page. This will operation also publish them to your wall. All you have to do is edit your Notes import settings and add your blog feed there.

    Kris Olin

  • Jew Mark

    nice strategies to follow. Thank for helping!

  • Vincent Breslin

    Great advice, I’v tried many ways to get my wordpress posts to show up on a business page. I tried twitterfeed but that service doesn’t pull the blog images. So far NetworkedBlogs looks like the best option for me. Glad to have found it AND glad it was made very easy thanks to your instructions. Thanks!!

  • Akshay

    its works but the image you used are quite old i think please update it

    Thanks alot

  • Richard Denton

    Is there an option that can be self-hosted? That is, is there an option to cross-post from WordPress to Facebook WITHOUT depending on a 3rd party (Networked Blogs in this case)? We all know how things go down on the “intarwebs”; even Google services go down sometimes. I’d rather not add another variable in the uptime for my websites if I can help it. Thanks.

  • ?????????? ????????????

    Thank you very much for this post.
    I am using it now on my fan page.

    Thanks again

  • Will

    Is it possible to use this plugin to pull in WordPress pages as well as WordPress posts?

  • MicheleMoore-Happy1

    You walk on water and hug the moon with this post! I can’t wait to get it working! MANY THANKS!!!

  • Lowcarbblogs

    I am not able to get this to work. I have added the app, but when I go to edit my fan page, I can’t find the app. I guess some things have changed after it became possible to switch between your user account and your fan pages?
    Any updates on how I can get this to work?

    • Greg Picken

      I found that from the app within facebook, if you click on syndicate, it takes you to the app page and there you can set up what facebook fan pages or apps to publish to.

  • pingheng

    Hi, when I try this I get this message “Looks like your blog feed is not setup correctly yet”. Any idea?

  • Deepika

    This apps is really amazing. It will save my time. Thanks a lot of share this grate thing with us!

  • Bobby

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the information.
    I have tried this apps, but still can’t pulled automatically. I need to pulled it manually from the networkedblog page.
    And other thing all posts are posted on the wall with picture on the left side.
    I saw your fan page doesn’t have any picture on the post through the networkedblog.
    Any advice? Should I upgrade to pro member to get this features?


    • Michael Aulia

      Hm you sure? Pictures come up for me (except for the Nokia N9 somehow). I haven’t touched this for long so I don’t really remember apart from my post above. They may have change things a bit if it does not work anymore for new set-ups

  • Doug


    I had trouble with NetworkedBlogs so I tried your notes import suggestion.
    Your way is MUCH simpler! And doesn’t require a third-party app.


  • Gary Smith

    I was ready to give up on Facebook integration with my site until I ran across this post. Easy install and five minutes later I was running, with my current feed showing up. Hopefully, it will still be working when I do a test post.

    Thanks for the great service. See the page at or the site at

    I’m also considering the “Pro” version for promotion on FB.

    Happy Fan!


  • Harshad


    I hav integrated auto post from wodpress …to…facebook…using ur given steps…THANKS A LOT 4 providing such….tutorial

  • Isabel Blake

    Hi thanks for this. When you grant permissions for Networkedblogs to post on your fan page wall, do they actually post stuff on your wall? Or is that just so that your own blogs will post onto your fan page wall? I also tested this app by posting a new blog post and it didn’t show up on my fan page wall OR under the app. Does it take a while or should it be instant?

  • vincent fink

    it doesn’t work for me. I did every step correctly, it even verified the widget but I get to step 10 and the screen is totally different and doesn’t have the checkbox options so I can’t get it to post to my page. So I did it all right and nothing works. FML please help.

  • Abdulqader Kapadia

    I used to use some dumb plugins to do this task on my blog. But this tip is really great. I removed all the stupid plugins and used this method. It’s nice. Thanks!

  • Prasenjit @ Make Money Blogging

    Is it anyway possible to post on walls of friends/fans who like my page? I want such kind of application which can post my blog updates on my fans/friends wall.

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  • Sanjaya

    Hey thank you for the above, I want to link all the social media from my blog > linked in > FB fan pages > Twitter > Tumblr from my blog. So a post would auto publish in all of them.

    I have currently setup FB > Twitter, my blog > twitter. Hope someone will figure this out.

  • Kate Mirkowski

    I never tried Auto post in facebook fan page but I usually here it to others. Well, you made a great infograph and tips about auto posting in facebook fan page. This could be a great help to me and to other people who wants to know about it. Thanks much!

  • Lyrics

    I’m looking for this type of application for a long time! Thanks for share.

  • qris

    I have reached step 6 and i can see my blog’s feed on the NetworkedBlogs application page.
    unfortunately, on my facebook page, the ‘Edit page’ is on the right side. theres only a small ‘EDIT’ button on the left side bar that seems to do nothing when i click on it. Please help
    my page is

    • Lutvi Avandi

      Hi qris,

      I’ve the same problem as you. I have a solution. After you did all, In click the syndication menu. You have to give grant permission first.

      After that, you can set how the post look from

  • Nikolay Boyukliev

    Hi, Lutvi Avandi,
    This syndication option is really working but all the post are pointing to and not to the actual post instead.
    Is there are setting to change this?

  • Dewa Gaul

    Hi, Lutvi Avandi,
    Thanks for your tips, now my blog update on facebook pages :)

  • Khateya

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  • Dag

    I`ve done all the steps, but I cannot edit the app like you do here. There is no edit button below the title, only another edit-link but here I can only rename the title of the link in the sidebar.

  • Amanda Austin


    Great information.
    I have tried this apps, and it really works. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dyzk

    Great tutorial. that have plugin for this?

  • Mad Boy

    hey ..Good day!! nice application …i checked it and its working ..although it has some delay but its good…
    yet i have a question my members on the fan page cant share the article posted by the application …is it normal ? or i have a problem ? if its normal is there any solution..and thanks :) Good work

  • Cindy

    Thank you. I’ve been looking for this tut for my blog to autopost to my fb page.

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    Great post, this application work great.

    For my WordPress, i use a plugin facebook page publish, isn’t the same…

    Thank again

  • Jahanzeb Khan

    Hey can you please tell me what to do? I’ve followed the steps but when i click edit page, and go to then it doesnt show the networkedblogs app, was i supposed to do it logged in as the page(use fb as pagename) because I did it logged in as Jahanzeb Khan(my fb account, to which the page belongs)

  • Prosenjeet

    I followed your tutorial and it seems to work. However, I have a question…I have many posts in my blog that I wrote before I integrated “Networks Blog” on FB. Is it possible in some way to show the old posts on my FB fan page?

  • Angela Christopher

    Not working for me for some reason! It is installed properly, but not showing in my apps on my fan page. Guess Facebook changed that during their hundreds of changes they have made in the past year :( Bummer! Thanks for the great info though and easy to follow instructions!

  • Solved Assignment

    Realy fantastic informations