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LastPass Firefox

Firefox’ endless crash when LastPass extension is installed (even after a Firefox update)

If you are using LastPass (you should) and getting frustrated with Firefox freezes and crashes, it is most probably caused by the LastPass extension. No, it's not caused by the page you are on, as much as you suspect it to be. Well, it can, but try removing the LastPass extension (by refreshing … [Read More...]

Mophie-Juice-Pack-Air-iPhone-6 Review

Double your iPhone 6 battery with Mophie Juice Pack Air

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6 Review - Yeah, sure, Apple iPhone 6 is very slim but it comes at a price. A slimmer body means that you can't put more battery in it, which will add bulk and weight. As a result, iPhone 6 can barely hold a day's charge (depending on what you do with the phone, I … [Read More...]

amaysim unlimited plans

More data for Aussies with amaysim

A good news for all Aussies who love to consume their mobile data, amaysim (runs on Optus 4G network) has recently announced more data in its 4G plan. From today (23rd of April), amaysim's UNLIMITED 6GB, UNLIMITED 4GB and UNLIMITED TEXT 1.5GB plans will come with more data. The good news is, … [Read More...]


Whatsapp adds support to voice calling on iOS with the latest update

On the latest Whatsapp for iOS update (version 2.12.1) released earlier today, Whatsapp Calling is now possible on the iPhone (it's been available on Android for a while), among other additional features such as iOS 8 share extension and a few minor ones. Unfortunately, the feature itself is … [Read More...]


This LadyBug-alike router is strikingly cool and a beast on the wireless world

D-Link DIR-890L Review (AC3200 Router) - This 'ladybug-alike' router from D-Link is not just huge, it's definitely the largest router I've ever touched in my whole life. It also looks like it's ready to fly (literally). Size and joke aside, the new D-Link router is definitely a beast - inside … [Read More...]

Dyson Humidifier review

Let the mist begin! – Dyson Humidifier Review

Dyson Humidifier Review (AM10) - Air humidifiers have been around for quite some time, but I assure you that when Dyson decided to invest millions of dollars to research and make one, air humidifiers will never be the same. Dyson Humidifier takes advantage of the Dyson Air Multiplier technology … [Read More...]


Samsung 4K SUHD TVs are out now in Australia

Last night Samsung Australia announced Samsung SUHD TVs, a new range that promises a significant evolution in colour and picture quality by utilising nano-crystal technology as a benchmark for the company’s home entertainment experience. Samsung SUHD TVs come in three series: JS9500, JS9000 and … [Read More...]

Hearthstone smartphone

Blizzard’s Hearthstone is now available on the smartphones!

Hearthstone, one of the most popular Blizzard's games out there, has been available for quite some time on the PC and tablets. It's a free-to-play strategy card game like Magic: The Gathering, but less complex and still fun to play. To those who don't normally carry a laptop or tablet around, … [Read More...]

MOS Lightning Cable Review

The indestructible Lightning cable

MOS Spring Lightning cable review - I don't know how many times I've seen Lightning (and microUSB) cables break. Apple's genuine Lightning cable is not the most durable cable ever created and everyone knows it. Have a quick look at it in real life and you know you should take a good care of … [Read More...]

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Reviews Summary – if you don’t have the time reading the full reviews

Apple Watch reviews are out and there were already a bunch of fans in Sydney trying them out at the Apple Stores today. Though only a handful of tech sites were given the privilege by Apple to test the Watch before everyone else, you may not have the time to go through all of these reviews … [Read More...]