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Telstra 4GX Melbourne

Telstra launches 4GX (better than 4G) in Melbourne today

Despite my presumptions that Telstra 4GX is launching in January 2015, Telstra has officially announced the availability of 4GX in Melbourne today (or at least, some parts of it). Telstra 4GX is a new Telstra 4G service that offers faster speed and better coverage by quite a huge margin. For … [Read More...]

NudeAudio Super M Review

This portable speaker is shockproof, waterproof, sandproof, and snowproof

NudeAudio Super M Review - Over the recent months I had been getting my hands on several wireless speakers of various global brands, so when I came across the opportunity to try out a wireless speaker from a slightly less known name to me, I immediately jumped in with my curiosity. Nude Audio … [Read More...]

Magellan-Echo-Fit Review

Magellan Echo Fit adds sleep and activity tracking to the original Echo sportswatch

Magellan Echo Fit Review - The original Magellan Echo sportswatch lets you walk, run, or do any exercise without the need to constantly touch your smartphone. With the Echo sportswatch, music can be controlled with the press of a button and stats can be viewed at a quick glance on the wrist. The … [Read More...]

SanDisk-Ultra-II-SSD Review

Affordable SSD with fast performance from SanDisk – SanDisk Ultra II SSD Review

SanDisk Ultra II SSD Review - SSD (Solid State Drives) offers solid and fast performance compared to the old HDD (Hard Disk Drives). The speed boost is so significant that you’ll never want to install your main operating system (ex: Windows) on an HDD anymore. Even most laptops nowadays are powered … [Read More...]

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Review

A fresh engine, a fresh look – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

COD Advanced Warfare Review - Call of Duty (COD) games have come a long way. They were mostly focusing on a fast-paced FPS (First Person Shooter) multiplayer experience with the single player campaign telling a story about wars on multiple fronts. Then, they occasionally throw in some extras, like … [Read More...]

Telstra Wi-Fi

FREE Wi-Fi around Australia as Telstra launches their Telstra Wi-Fi trial

Yesterday, Telstra officially launched their Telstra Wi-Fi trial, giving 30 minutes free Wi-Fi access on about 150 hotspots around the country. Back in May, I wrote about Telstra's upcoming Wi-Fi network, so you may want to check on that article to find out more about it. Basically, Telstra is … [Read More...]

Plantronics-BackBeat-PRO Review

Non-stop high quality music with noise cancelling headphones – Plantronics BackBeat PRO Review

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Review - Plantronics make plenty of great Bluetooth mobile headsets for music listening and audio calling like the most recent BackBeat FIT, BackBeat GO 2, and BackBeat 903+ (my favorite). Or for playing games with music listening and audio calling simultaneously with the … [Read More...]

PADACS Desk Stand

Simple, yet sleek desk stand for phone and tablet with luxurious look and feel – PADACS Desk Stand Review

PADACS Desk Stand Review - This sleek and simple desk stand only costs you $12.95 but it looks and feels luxurious. There are times when you don't feel like placing your expensive smartphone or tablet on the surface of your desk. And you shouldn't. Dirt can get transferred to its surface or worse, … [Read More...]

Projection Alarm Clock Review

Innovative projection clock to spice up your sleep

PRYSMA Projection Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Review - Thanks to smartphones, I almost have zero need of having a physical alarm clock on my table. Woke up in the middle of the night and need to know how long do I have left to sleep? Just turn my phone on. Playing a full-screen game on the … [Read More...]

Telstra Influential Programs

Telstra Influential Programs launch

Thanks to Telstra, I was invited to join in their new Influential Programs which was launched officially at their flagship store in Sydney (400 George Street). Telstra's Influential Programs consists of 30 selected people across Australia from different backgrounds (bloggers, social media experts, … [Read More...]