Serhii Tokarev about Roosh X, a New Investment Direction

Roosh is a Ukrainian investment group, actively operating in Ukraine and abroad to develop and scale tech businesses. In 2024, Roosh is launching a new investment direction, Roosh X, aiming at investing in business profitability. Serhii Tokarev, the co-founder of Roosh, spoke about the new initiative and mentioned its partner.

Apart from the main goal to invest in maximizing profits, Serhii Tokarev notes that Roosh X will also develop new technological solutions in cooperation with other companies. The first partner of the project is the Canadian Tiny Studio, which specializes in startup development.

“Tiny Studio is a Canadian venture studio, which builds and develops profitable companies worldwide. Together, we plan to transform the dominance of European private capital through flexible capital and joint business development support”, Tokarev noted.

The IT entrepreneur underlines that such a business strategy is gaining more popularity today. Not every company is capable of constantly attracting investments and striving for revenue growth. It somehow prevents founders from focusing on building a profitable business. 

“Our approach allows entrepreneurs to retain control over the direction of their company’s development while ensuring its long-term viability. Not all founders seek early exits. Many of them are looking for alternatives to the traditional fundraising cycle and want to relieve themselves of the pressure to become unicorns”, added Tokarev.

According to Serhii Tokarev, together with Tiny Studio, Roosh X can offer tech companies the following:

  • Designing new products and transforming existing ones to increase revenue;
  • Developing revenue streams;
  • Strategically consult and support executive and core teams;
  • Invest in business development and revenue growth;
  • Attract highly skilled developers and other experts, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with specialists in AI/ML fields;
  • Exit, if necessary.

Tiny Studio CEO, Oliver Low comments that the company plans to implement its skills in creating, scaling, and having a startup exit in partnership with Roosh X.

“We believe that together we can achieve incredible and sustainable results for founders and profit-oriented startups. In a time when traditional venture funds are becoming less effective, and more founders are abandoning growth-at-all-costs thinking, this is the perfect moment to form such a partnership”, Oliver highlighted.

Serhii Tokarev believes that together with Tiny Studio, Roosh X will work with tech companies whose revenue ranges from $5 million. Their founders will be able to attract investments ranging from $500,000 to $10 million. Also, they will get access to Roosh’s and Tiny Studio’s expertise to strengthen their market positions and reach their strategic goals.

“This is radically different from traditional venture investing. The partnership combines ambition with the powerful capabilities of the Roosh platform and the expertise of Tiny Studio in creating startups, providing companies not only with capital but also with support that is currently simply unavailable within traditional financing options in the European market”, explained Den Dmytrenko, Roosh co-founder and partner.

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