Withings Body Smart Review – The Budget-Friendly Alternative for Comprehensive Health Tracking

We’ve already published our review on the Withings Body Comp (if you want to check it out), but I can highly recommend grabbing the Withings Body Smart now if you really need one. The Body Comp is much more advanced but two of their highlighted features are still pending TGA approval at the moment (and there is no timeline about when it’ll get approved).

Withings Body Smart is the more entry-level compared to the Body Comp and is only priced at A$199.99 (which is around A$160 cheaper). It can also measure body composition such as body fat, visceral fat, and basal metabolic rate) as well as heart rate. It does enough of the measurements I think people want, including full body composition and especially visceral fat index.

Withings Body Smart Review – Setup

The Body smart for some reason was a lot easier to set up compared to the Comp. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve already configured another scale before, but in a single attempt, the app quickly identified the scale, and it is ready to use just like that within minutes.

Withings Body Smart Review – Design


Once again, I want to highlight my appreciation for the design and the white colour option of the Body Smart. It looks very clean, minimal, but premium. The only difference in design is that the two horizontal lines in the middle of the Body Comp are replaced by one single thicker horizontal line in the middle of the Body Smart. They look identical otherwise.

It has a 2.8” LCD colour screen with 320 x 240 pixels, and is bright enough to see during the day. It has a lightweight design with tempered glass platform, making it easy to move around the house but durable at the same time.

The smart scale is powered by 4x AAA batteries with battery life up to 15 months (depending on usage, obviously).

Withings Body Smart Review – Functions

The Body Smart offers identical body composition and heart rate measurements as the Body Comp. However, the Cardiovascular and Nerve Health assessments are exclusive to the Body Comp.

Through Withings Precision Technology, the Body Smart uses your body electric currents to calculate your precise body composition. The patented transistor technology also ensures consistently precise weight measurements, up to 50g. For the details on how the functions work, you may want to read my thorough review on these features on the Withings Body Comp review article. However, there are more features to talk about here such as the Eyes Closed Mode.

Withings Body Smart introduces a feature called Eyes Closed mode. This mode is designed for users who may find constant numerical feedback discouraging. This feature hides weight and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis values during weigh-ins, replacing them with motivational graphics. Users see a smiling face upon weighing in, and as measurements are taken, motivational messages appear. The actual measurements remain accessible in the Withings app, providing a positive and encouraging experience.

Unfortunately, I was again unable to access this mode during my review, but I think this would be very useful for a lot of people. More comprehensive information can be found on the Withings Article on the Eyes Closed Mode.

The scale can automatically recognise and track up to 8 users, so your whole family members can share the same scale but monitor their own health and progress through the app.

Withings Body Smart Review Conclusion

Withings Body Smart is priced at $199.99 AUD, and is a more affordable option to measure body composition and heart rate compared to the Body Comp.

While the cardiovascular and nerve health assessments in the Body Comp are exciting features, their current unavailability outside the EU means I cannot fully recommend them over the Body Smart for Australian customers, at least until the TGA approves these features.

Withings Body Smart can measure body composition (Body Fat, Total Body Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Visceral Fat Index, Basal Metabolic Rate), Heart Health through Heart Rate checkups, and more.

Disclosure: Withings Body Smart review sample was supplied for reviewing



The Withings Body Smart scale, priced at $199.99 AUD, offers a cost-effective and comprehensive solution for measuring body composition and heart rate, making it a highly recommended alternative to the more advanced but currently limited Body Comp, especially for Australian consumers.


  • Cheaper option, yet provides the same full body composition analysis: weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight, bone mass, Visceral fat index
  • User-friendly setup
  • Eyes Closed Mode for a positive weighing experience (although I was personally unable to access this feature)
  • Pregnancy mode for weight tracking during pregnancy


  • Lacks advanced assessments (cardiovascular and nerve health)
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