Wireless Charging pad, in leather, for your smartphone – by EFM

EFM Leather Wireless Charging Pad Review – The wireless charging pad from EFM features a 100% genuine leather surface, for that extra elegant look and feel.

Whether you are using the charging pad at home or at the office, the EFM Leather Wireless Charging Pad offers a sleek, compact design that should fit right in.

The charging pad itself is capable of 15W quick charging, which is one of the fastest charging outputs from a wireless charger at this moment. The latest charging pad I reviewed from Cygnett, can only do 10W and basically has the same price as the EFM’s.

Now, iPhone can’t utilise 15W fast charging unfortunately, but Apple has allowed 7.5W quick charging – which is faster than the traditional 5W. However, if you have Android devices such as one of the Samsung Galaxy phones, you’ll be in for a treat.

There’s a subtle LED light to indicate that your phone is currently being charged (changed from green to blue). The leather material offers a smoother surface for your phone compared to some wireless chargers I’ve reviewed so far. Body scratches shouldn’t be part of your charging routine with this one.

EFM Leather Wireless Charger Review

Packaging includes a wall charger and a 1 meter USB Type-C cable.

So far, the charger works flawlessly to charge my iPhone Xs Max and sits on my study/work table.

EFM Leather Wireless Charger Review

EFM also offers a generous 5-years replacement warranty that should give you a peace of mind on the quality and safety of the product.

You can purchase EFM Leather Wireless Charging Pad for AU$99.95 at EFM Website.

Disclosure: EFM Leather Wireless Charging Pad review sample was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid

EFM Leather Wireless Charging Pad Review
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