What are the factors to consider before buying Refurbished Electronics

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Note: This is a guest post written by Dan Martin

Refurbished electronics are common nowadays. They are a good choice if you want to buy something like a used iPhone. The main advantage of refurbished electronics is cost efficiency. They are a popular choice among people aiming for purchases within their budget.

Also, there is much more to refurbished electronics than saving money. Sometimes the item you want is short in the market. The wait time for the device of your choice could be too long. In such a situation, buying a used iPhone can help you get your device without much hustle. 

Getting a product worth your money needs research when purchasing a used item. It is good to buy refurbished items after considering a few factors, some of which are listed below:

8 Things to Consider Before Buying Refurbished Electronics

Refurbished items are the ones that a previous owner has used. They are usually available at a lower market price. Sellers do some work to restore the device to the best possible condition. They are therefore called refurbished items. Following are the factors worth considering when buying a used iPhone or any other device. 

  1. Condition of the Device

The primary aim of getting a refurbished item is to get the best value at a low rate. Let’s say you are looking for the best used iPhone; you must first check the condition of the iPhone battery. Is the phone camera working properly? Does the display work fine? It is good to know these things before the purchase. 

It is important to check the device’s functionality if possible. Hacking into someone’s phone becomes very easy with a little alteration in the system. To keep your privacy secured, you must avoid buying devices in which key components have been replaced. Check out, should you buy refurbished electronics to know when it is worth buying them. 

  1. Who is the Refurbisher?

The quality of the device is a major concern when it comes to electronics. When buying a renewed item, make sure it comes out of safe hands. For instance, if you wish to buy used cell phones, know who refurbished the device. No one knows the device better than the manufacturer. 

It is better to get things directly fixed up by the manufacturers. They not only know their devices better but also tend to replace defective parts with the original replacements. You might find multiple listings for used iPhone XR for sale. The best way to go is to rely on a trustworthy refurbisher. They also offer at least a year’s warranty with such items. 

  1. Reliability of the Seller

Buying a device and finding out later that the seller does not entertain any claims afterward is a bad experience. To avoid this, always buy from a trustworthy and reliable seller. If you are not purchasing from the original manufacturer, look for reviews. For instance, if you want a used iPhone 11, check the reviews of the sellers before placing your order.

Due to the popularity of online platforms, you might find an abundance of online sellers. Do not fall for unrealistically good offers. Before investigating the product, do some research to know the seller. Make sure they are worth trusting for investing your money.  

  1. Return Policy

If it ever comes to the point where you are not satisfied with your purchase and want to return your used iPhone, then you must know how to return it and under what conditions. The sellers who do not have a pre-defined return policy have no obligation regarding items you have purchased. 

The return should be free at least for a month. When you spend your money, value it. Once you get your product in your hands, do a thorough inspection. Make sure it functions properly. It normally takes some time to notice any irregularity in a device. Make sure it is all covered under the return policy. 

  1. Warranty of the Product

A smart way to secure your purchase is to buy products with a warranty. You usually get a warranty when you get a used cell phone from the original manufacturer or a trusted seller. This ensures that you will not come under hot waters if the device does not work once you start using it.

Sometimes the products still have not exhausted their original warranty period. Before purchasing the product, you can ask the seller about everything related to the warranty. It will add value to your purchase and save you from wasting your money in case of any mishap. 

  1. Price of the Device

A common misconception is that refurbs are always cheaper. They might appear so, but you need to do some research to find out. Firstly, you can make a price comparison to get the best deal. For instance, iPhone XR used price differs from seller to seller. Do not just look at the price. Consider it along with the value you are getting against it. 

If you are getting a cell phone for a slightly higher price from the original manufacturer, go for it. It will most probably include a warranty and a free return policy. They are also more likely to work efficiently, saving much of your cost otherwise spent on frequent repairs. 

  1. Will you Get all the Accessories?

Buying a used iPhone will likely come without accessories such as a charger or earphones. This is a painful experience nobody prefers to have. It might also increase the cost of the purchase for you. Look for products that come with essential accessories. 

In case the seller mentions including the accessories but doesn’t do so, you can claim a refund. If you buy it from the manufacturer, there are high chances that you will get accessories also. For instance, if you buy a used iPhone XR, you might get the charger and AirPods from the company. 

  1. How Old is the Device?

Usually, you will find older models of used phones for sale. You must not buy something too old to be supported by the manufacturers. For instance, if you are buying a used iPhone that Apple has discontinued manufacturing, you might not get the required hardware and software support for it.  


Buying refurbished electronics is worth it if you do your homework and lock a good deal. Hopefully, this article might help you make a worthy purchase as you try to find the best value with pre-owned electronics.

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