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Tomtom Navigator saves the day!

Ever wonder what a GPS software can do to you besides giving you directions? Ever wonder why do you need a GPS if you already know the streets that you go to everyday inside out? Listen to this true story of a member in Neowin.net community.

Netrack says in (http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=598580&st=0): "Ever think a gadget could nearly save your life. I never really thought that my Tom Tom navigator would either. On Friday I was driving to an interview that was about 40 minutes away. I was driving along and I had some stomach discomfort that quickly turned for the worse. After about 10 more minutes of driving my left kidney became overwhelmed with pain. Im not talking about simple pain, I am talking about pain that nearly made me pass out. My hands and feet were completely numb and I was shaking and broke out in a cold sweat. I had to make a choice, call 911 or try to find a hospital. I decided to use my Tom Tom to find the closest hospital. A few taps on the screen told me there was one 1.3 miles away. I was pulled over on a road and new there was no way I could navigate (nor wait for an ambulance to arrive). I literally took a pencil, bit down on it, and made the drive to the hospital. I first must apologize to those who I was driving on the road with, I cant say I was the most respectful person on the road that afternoon. Tom Tom navigated me flawlessly to the ER where I parked my car in a no park zone (sorry) and hobbled…ok, damn near crawled my way into the ER. I am now recovering from what was a serious kidney stone that absolutely has put me bedside and on some good ol pain meds. Sorry if this doesn’t make to much sense but I thought I would share my story with you all!"

I won’t regret buying my PDA phone, HTC P3600i. While I don’t have a car yet, you’ll never know what’s gonna happen. TomTom Navigator software can actually show you the nearest POI (Point of Interest) of your choice (whether it’s a hospital, restaurant, picnic area, gas station, etc) so on the road, you’ll get yourself covered! Read my HTC P3600i impression here if you haven’t. [eminimall products="tomtom navigator" channel="tomtom"]

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