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DealExtreme (cheap stuffs + Free delivery anywhere)

This online shopping site, Deal Extreme, has captured my heart. They give you FREE delivery for any products that you purchase from their site. I was a bit skeptical at first, I mean, FREE delivery and there isn’t even a minimum charge? So I decided to buy an $9 item from them, put my delivery address, and pay them using my PayPal….

So I thought, oh well, if they are a scam, I’ll consider that 9 bucks as a give-away, or throwing away your luck thing. Guess what. In about 12 days, the item was delivered! (they promise a roughly 10-14 days of delivery).Why they can give you FREE delivery, I’m not sure. Why their items are so cheap, well most of them are HongKong or China products, so that’s why they cheap. There are a lot of discussions about this site though in whirlpool.net forum, so they are not a scam site. I’ve purchased a bunch of items from them afterwards, and they fail to disappoint me yet.

Some people said to receive a broken product due to bad packaging or just a manufacturer faulty. They informed DealExtreme, and they are replaced (they don’t even bother to ask for the item to be returned!)

Some great items in the site are:

  • 64 Mb memory for PlayStation 2 for $10.86
  • 1 Gb MicroSD for $27.18
  • A small but powerful flashlight for $27.18
  • 35-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader for $8.90
  • Battery Chargers
  • Other stuffs (they really sell a bunch of cool, useful, weird stuffs)

I bought that cheap PS2 memory card (which is sold in a city shop for $35 bucks for an 8 mb – what a rip-off!) and have been using it in my PS2 until now with no problems at all. I expected a slow read/write, faulty, etc but hey, it doesn’t have any difference at all with the Sony that I got from the PS2!

PS2 memory card IDE HDD EnclosureFlashLightCard ReadersRemote Control ChopperBattery Charger

NOTE: The images are courtesy of DealExtreme.com

Browse their site and check it out for yourselves! Beware that this site is addictive though ^^ Their site is at http://www.dealextreme.com

PS: They also have a referral program, so you basically collect points if you buy stuff from them, write reviews about your purchased products, submit pictures, etc. Good stuffs!

WARNING: Some of the stuffs that they sell are illegal in some countries (Bug Zapper, Butane Lighter in a gun-shaped, CellPhone signal jammer, etc), so make sure you have checked your customs policy first! Happy shopping!

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