Tips To Prevent Hacking

Note: This is a guest post written by Nitesh Singh.

tips to prevent hacking

Tips To Prevent Hacking – If there is anything intimidating in the cyber world, it is the fear of hacking and hackers. Calling themselves the pirates of the web world, hackers today, are posing a great threat to people all over cyber space.

Any loophole in a website or software forms the weak cinch in the armor for these hackers. So, the big question is how to stop hackers and prevent the process of hacking? Malwarebytes review tells us that there are certain tricks (if kept in mind while working) which can outsmart these hackers. Antivirus software, such as the Malwarebytes itself, is the dominant computer security software. These help prevent hacking, leaking and corruption of data.

Here are some tips, which can be useful for saving yourself from the misery of hacking.

Use of personal information wisely

While ninety percent of the population succumbs to the social networking sites like moths to flame, it is because of such carelessness that the hackers get their chance. Though, meant for socializing, but sharing of personal information on such websites must be done carefully and within limits.

Although these sites promise indemnity of a secure identity, but still with globalization taking toll, any cases have come to light, where Facebook accounts were hacked and the information misused.

Choice of passwords

In order to not stress our brains, we generally intend to choose passwords that are very easy and quick to remember. Most people opt for passwords like their hometown, or their kids’/pet’s names. Such information is open to all, and hence the password isn’t difficult to decipher. Also, the lazy mind we humans have, we tend to keep a common password to all web accounts.

So, in case one account is hacked, it’s an open invitation to the rest others. To stop hackers, strong, alphanumeric passwords should be used and each one for a different account.

For big firms and organizations

Various security programs such as the Malwarebytes pro, intrusion prevention system, vulnerability management analysis, transaction monitoring and many more have been developed which are really challenging the coding abilities of the cyber hackers.

Installation of such software not only helps maintain your network security and the data secure, it also keeps the hackers at bay.

Tips while developing a secure software

The primary objectives aiming for securing a software so as to prevent hacking are:

  1. Hide confidential information  extracted from individuals who aren’t  supposed to see the information.
  2. Assuring that transmitted information is duly received by intended recipients
  3. Assure that any automation of activities performed as a result of “the secure communication” is based on precise, trustworthy and resourceful information. The common objective is to take the existing software capabilities and infuse harsher security in order to deliver the abilities in an environment that represents significant risk in case the security is compromised or the network is hacked.

To sum up, the above methods can be a golden solution to “how to stop hacker”. Use of stringent passwords, infusion of harsher security and a more secure network for firms and companies, use of anti hacking and theft protection software for domestic usage solves the problem of hacking.

Note: This guest post was written by Nitesh Singh. Read Malwarebytes review,compare it with trendmicro titanium review, and see which one is better. You can read other top antivirus analysis too.

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