Tim Cook: No larger iPhone screen for you

iPhone 5
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When the other smartphone manufacturers release bigger and bigger phones, Apple stands still. Some frowned, some rejoiced. Now that the competitions are going fierce, Apple fans are expecting Apple to release a new iPhone (iPhone 5S or iPhone 6) with a bigger screen to compete. Rumors, as always, have circled around the net and expectations arise.

Today, however, a statement from Tim Cook might disappoint Apple fans who want a larger screen on the next iPhone iteration.

Tim Cook commented:

“We’ve put a lot of thinking into screen size and we think we’ve picked the right one. The new 4-inch Retina display is the most advanced display in the industry, no one comes close to matching its quality. We were able to develop a larger screen size without sacrificing one-handed use.”

Though he doesn’t directly say that rumors are false, it’s quite obvious that there is no way a larger iPhone is in the next pipeline.

I agree with him in a sense that I can use my iPhone 5 comfortably with just one hand (check my iPhone 5 review), typing away with accuracy and comfortably (I do have a small hand). However, while reviewing this Samsung GALAXY Note 2, I do crave for a larger screen and a larger battery. It’s true that I now have to use both hands most of the time to interact with my Note 2, but getting a larger view is a nice trade-off.

What do you think? If you have an iPhone, do you want a larger screen?

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