Thronmax MDrill One Pro Microphone Review

With the rise of video & audio content creators, there are a few high quality microphones that can satisfy the quality required by professional content creators like podcasters, streamers, and YouTubers.

One of them is Thronmax MDrill One Pro which delivers rich and highly detailed sound with 24Bit/96KHz audio recording. It’s a simple plug-and-play desktop microphone (i.e packaging comes with a desk microphone stand) but you can also place it on a boom arm with ease.

If you don’t have a boom arm or not planning to get one, the MDrill One Pro works great on the desk. It has 4 different polar settings: Cardioid, Stereo, Bi-Directional, and Omni-Directional patterns. Most will be happy with the Cardioid setting which is perfect for a solo recording or use. The other modes mean you can use it in a variety of cases for example, switch to Bi-Directional when you are doing an interview with another person in the same room, and so on.

You can switch between these settings with a simple, reachable button press. An LED indicator will let you know which mode it’s currently on.

There is also a quick microphone mute button at the front and again, a clear indicator whether the microphone is on mute (Red) or active (Green).

If those are not enough indicators for you, there is more. You can adjust the microphone gain and monitor directly on the unit with physical knobs located at the back. You can see the levels clearly at the front of the microphone as well.

There is a cool RGB glow at the bottom of the unit and yes, there is a small button on it to change its colour to your liking (up to 7 different colours).

I really like how you can adjust everything on the microphone unit itself on-the-fly without the need of opening up a software. And, I also like how everything is clearly marked and lit, so you don’t make mistakes while tinkering or changing these while you are live.

As far as audio recording goes, Thronmax MDrill One Pro doesn’t disappoint at all. According to Thronmax, the MDrill One Pro is powered by VERTIGAIN technology which helps to increase the audio recording quality and clarity by up to 10% compared to other digital USB microphones. Combined with 24Bit/96KHz audio recording support, you’ve got yourself a really good package.

Here is an audio recording sample with the Thronmax MDrill One Pro:

I have mine set up on the Thronmax Caster Boom Stand S1 and they look great together.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro Review Conclusion

Thronmax MDrill One Pro looks stylish, modern, and professional at the same time. It’s definitely an amazing plug-and-play USB microphone and the price is also affordable.

You can change and adjust a variety of things on the microphone itself, which is a big plus to those who can’t be bothered installing stuff in the computer and just want to use a good desktop microphone straight out of the package.

Thronmax MDrill One Pro is available now and retails for A$168 at JB Hi-Fi and other retailers around Australia. For the price, it definitely offers a high quality USB microphone to start your audio content creation career until you move to a pricier, better one.

Disclosure: Thronmax MDrill One Pro review sample was supplied for reviewing

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