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Take a site’s screenshot with IECapt

Ever wonder how to take a screen on a whole site or blog? You can probably get away with using a screen capture software, but you’ll only be getting what you see on your screen.

Using IECapt, you can grab a screenshot of the whole blog/site, even though you have to scroll down to see the entire site.

IECapt is most useful if you are doing a lot of other blog/site reviews. IECapt is a simple piece of program and free to download and use. It’s not sophisticated though and you have to use the command prompt to run it, which is quite annoying for some people.

For example to grab a site, you have to type:

iecapt –url=http://www.writeforgod.com/ –out=god.png

Capture a whole site screenshot with IECapt
A screenshot of my other blog

If you’ve found a better program than IECapt, please let us know here. IECapt was having problem getting a screenshot of my blog (I suspect that there may be CSS and Javascript problems on my theme :( )

Nevertheless, feel free to download IECapt and give it a try.

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