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SMS Global Promo Code – Free 250 SMS


SMSGlobal Promo Code

UPDATE: I’ve posted a more recent SMSGlobal Promo Code on a different post. Check it out

Back when I had a girlfriend overseas, I spent a lot in sending text messages/SMS. It was inevitable that I needed to find cheaper yet reliable SMS service online because at the moment, it is quite a joke to pay 25-35 cents to send an SMS in Australia. I tried many SMS services online and SMS Global was one of them. With a cost of 10 cents for each SMS sent, SMS Global is one of the SMS services you should look into.

I’d also like to inform you, Craving Tech readers, that you can get 250 FREE SMS using the promo code exclusive to Craving Tech readers when you sign up at SMS Global!

SMS Global has great features such as:

  • The ability to send SMS from your member area (easier to send SMS with a keyboard definitely)
  • Using a custom Sender ID rather than your mobile number as the sender
  • Scheduled SMS (you’ll never forget to send a message to your loved one anymore :))
  • Phonebook feature – Contacts and Groups
  • Can send an SMS via email (send an email and SMS Global will forward it as an SMS to your contact)
  • Reports whether an SMS message was delivered successfully or not (very important for an online SMS service)
  • SMS Web API so you can create your own script to send an SMS easily through a web page
  • Outlook plug-in, two way SMS, and many more!

Even without these features, I find that sending an SMS cheaply in Australia compared to 25 cents is already a big bonus. Don’t worry though, SMS Global is not just available to Australians but to the world. Since you don’t need to purchase credits when you join (you’ll get free credits to start with), there’s no reason not to try SMS Global service. When you join, you’ll even be allocated to a support staff so you can always ask questions or ask for a support when you need it. As always, when you run out of the free credits and you don’t like the service, feel free not to purchase more credits.

According to SMS Global FAQ page, SMS will normally get sent under 30 seconds. When I tested with a few messages, they normally got sent under 10 seconds. If you are worried, simply check the Outgoing SMS report to find out whether your SMS was sent sucessfully or not:
Outgoing SMS report

Oh, and please use the promo code CRAVE when you register at SMS Global. You’ll get an extra 250 free credits worth of 250 free SMS!

(You’ll also be asked of an affiliate (who refer you to SMS Global) when you register. If you are kind enough to put lyonz (my id), it’d be appreciated. It doesn’t give me anything, I think. But I guess it’s good to keep track of how many Craving Tech readers using the promo code and joining in.)

SMS Global


  1. why does this not work in the UK? I have tried it on all my 3 handsets – my work handset, my personal handset and the girlfriends handset.

    Can you confirm this does work? thanks

  2. The “CRAVE” code worked a charm and gave me 250 free SMS (plus the 25 given by SMS Global normally)! Thanks! It didn’t detect “lyonz” as an affiliate, tho. I’m using it in Australia

    • Thanks Paul. That’s okay about the affiliate part :) Glad that it still works anyway, considering that I’ve posted this quite a while ago. Not sure why the others couldn’t get the code to work though?

  3. Thanks for that i just joined and got the free 250 sms without a problem. Text from my phone cost .28c each so you saved me $70. Thankyou so much :)

  4. April 11th and the code still works fine in Australia. I’ve used the service for a couple of years now on a couple of other mobile numbers we have. Solid as a rock.

  5. help to me a promo code pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

  6. i have an account in smsglobal..but i didn’t give any promo code…. now i have no credit balance…… now how can i send free sms…..?

  7. None of them work. The only ones that work are the ones in Australia. This is because they got abused by all those free sim cards when the promo ‘gloss’ was about

  8. Hey guys we are not getting free Messages in INDIA at the time of registration. It says no SMS credit when i try to send a SMS.. Plz let us know any promo code… or any other work around to get free messages. Thanks in advance.

  9. what is affiate code for sms global…
    now m entered another id but not accepted…so plzz plzz plzz tell me…..
    what is affiate code in sms global ???

  10. i have credits but the sms are not getting delvered in India
    smsglobal not working in India …?????????????
    reply must …..

  11. any new available promo code for sms global cos mine is no longer working
    silk,CRAVE,GLOSS,GOBO are all dead promo now, can any kindly help with the new promo code plsssssssssssss

  12. thank you for all this,
    But is there a way to add promo code in “www.smsglobal.com” after signing up?

    • which way is that…pls tell me apart from using credit card to purchase because am a student and am not working and i dont even own a credit card nor a debit card to purchase

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