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Google Chrome 5 goes final

Google ChromeWhile Google Chrome 6 is already out on the Developer’s channel (which I’m using at the moment), Chrome 5 has finally been released to the public by Google. The latest and greatest stable version of Chrome has major speed improvements in JavaScript performance. If you don’t know much about technology knick-knacks, it just means that it will load and process most web pages quicker (since lots of web pages nowadays are utilizing JavaScript codes to interact and process data).

From the official Google blog post on Chrome 5 release:

The performance bar for all three versions keeps getting higher: today’s new stable release for Windows, Mac and Linux is our fastest yet, incorporating one of our most significant speed improvements to date. We’ve improved by 213 percent and 305 percent in Javascript performance by the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks since our very first beta, back in Chrome’s Cretaceous period (September 2008).

So if you are in a Mac or Linux environment, the good news is that Chrome 5 is now also available for both platforms! Go grab it, tiger!

Chrome for Windows
Google Chrome for Windows
Chrome for Mac
Google Chrome for Mac
Chrome for Linux
Google Chrome for Linux

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