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Should you switch to an Unlimited Mobile Data Plan?

Note: This is a guest post written by Amy J

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Unlimited data mobile plans used to be something unimaginable just a few years ago. No operator was offering them but as mobile networks improved and with the introduction of 4G (and 5G now), offering unlimited data plans makes sense in many ways. Now that there are options to choose from, how do you know if you should switch to unlimited data?

There are a few pointers and questions that can help you determine if unlimited data mobile plans are something you should consider. It all depends on what kind of user you are.

1. How do you use your phone most of the time?

The way you use your smartphone tells you a lot about what services you need the most. If you rarely make voice calls and seldom use SMS texting, a data-only plan makes much more sense. At the same time, if you mostly use your smartphone to browse the web, shop online, stream media, play games, or simply use it for productivity, you are certainly using a lot of data. An unlimited mobile data plan may be something right up your alley.

2. You constantly check your data usage

If you are in the habit of constantly checking how much data you are using, it means that you do not have enough included in your subscription. You should consider an upgrade or an unlimited plan if you want peace of mind when it comes to how much data you have left to use.

3. You are getting extra charges for data

Again, getting charged extra for data should tell you that it may be the time to look at unlimited data mobile plans. It makes no sense to pay extra for a few GB of data. In the end, you will spend more on extra data than what you would spend on an unlimited data plan in the first place. It is a simple decision that revolves around what makes sense financially.

4. You are using your phone as a hotspot

If you are using your smartphone as a hotspot for your laptop or any other device, you need to get an unlimited mobile data plan. Your data traffic allowance will run out quickly, especially when you are using it as an internet connectivity source for other devices. When that happens, your carrier can either block all data traffic or limit your transfer rates, making your internet slower. This can make it completely pointless to use your device as a hotspot when you exhaust your data traffic included with your mobile subscription.

5. You get limited each month

Some carriers are in the habit of limiting your transfer speeds once you exhaust your data traffic that is included in your base plan. This means that at a certain point, the internet will be considerably slower on your device. If this happens to you every single month, you

should think about switching to unlimited data mobile plans. It does not have to be from the same carrier. It just needs to offer more traffic so that you do not hit that transfer rate limitation.

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