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youtube online streaming with muziicYouTube has millions of music records at its website (including video clips). So why not develop a media player that can search and access these music files easily?

Muziic is a media player developed by Mark & David J. Nelson, a father and a son. It’s a media player that runs through your desktop to search and play the music files from YouTube.

Muziic is 100% free and legal (or claimed to be legal) because the audio files themselves are not stored in your computer and still reside at YouTube’s server. It’s practically the same thing as listening to them in your browser.

Google hasn’t reacted yet but I’m pretty sure that they are not happy with this. Since you listen to the files using a stand alone media player, it means that no advertisement can be delivered to you (which are one of Google’s sources of income).

Like father, like son
Like father, like son

Nevertheless, since there is no such news yet, feel free to give this new media player a try. Remember, no music files are downloaded to your computer from YouTube, so you basically need an internet connection (and mega bandwidth!) to listen to your “music collection”.

If you are using your browser daily to listen to music at YouTube, then download and try Muziic!

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