Samsung GALAXY Note announced at Samsung Unpacked event, Berlin

Samsung GALAXY Note

Samsung GALAXY Note – I’ve been wondering what the new device was, when Samsung was releasing a series of teaser videos about the new device. At first I thought it was a new phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII maybe?) but about half an hour ago, Samsung GALAXY Note was announced through Samsung Facebook’s live stream event.

Samsung GALAXY Note – The Idea

Samsung GALAXY Note size

Well, some of us complain that browsing on our smartphones is not fun due to the small screen size on our smartphones. On the other hand, browsing on a tablet, or reading e-books is nice and all that, but it’s too big to carry around. So we often carry multiple devices around, such as our smartphones and tablets. Not to mention sometimes we carry our own traditional notepad.

So why not release something in between? Hence, the Samsung GALAXY Note.

Samsung GALAXY Note Features

Samsung GALAXY Note - packaging

  • S Pen
    Samsung GALAXY Note also features a “stylus” in case you need to jot down some notes with S Memo app or even draw some ideas quickly.
  • Weighs 178 grams.
  • 5.3” display (1280×800) with HD SUPER AMOLED Display.
  • Samsung GALAXY Notes Dimensions: 146.85 x 82.95 x 9.65 mm

You can also do some sexy things like swiping the screen to take a screenshot, or covering the screen to pause a currently playing video.

Samsung GALAXY Note Free form

Apps to support this new product: S Planner, S Memo, and there are more.

They also announced a couple of others, such as Samsung Wave 3 and Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7:

All products

What’s your take on Samsung GALAXY Note? At a glance, it looks just like a bigger Samsung GALAXY SII or a smaller GALAXY Tab. However, until we actually have the device and see some reviews, it’s too early to judge.

I’ll keep an update on this post as more official details coming through about Samsung GALAXY Note.

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