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PHP or ASP.NET hosting?

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I had a chat with a friend of mine today as he’s setting up his own technology blog. Since he’s been working with ASP.NET all along, he applied for an ASP.NET web hosting (with IIS- Windows) rather than a pure PHP web hosting (Linux).

I wasn’t aware that WordPress (or more accurately, Apache) can actually be installed in IIS. He said that installing it is quite a challenge but he’d be happy to share it with us when he has set his blog up. To me, I love PHP and I’d still prefer to have a PHP web hosting whenever I want to set-up a site or a blog – easy and work straight away when I want to install WordPress or do some PHP scripts modifications.

So far, I have been able to get out with a shared account at Hostgator, even with 3,000-4,000 unique visitors a day. I raise my thanks to the powerful server at Hostgator and also the caching plug-ins that WordPress offers :)

I remember back in the old days when my old web host kept on nagging me to move to a VPS hosting. Thankfully I hesitated and migrated my blog to Hostgator. All problems went away and I still pay around $4-5 a month compared to $15-20 a month for a suggested VPS hosting. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is definitely more powerful and can take more abuse but at the same time you have to pay more. It stands between a shared and a dedicated server.

Nevertheless, you should pick whether you want a PHP or ASP.NET hosting carefully before you proceed. It will affect what you can do with it in the future.

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