Philips Hue Outdoor range is available now, bringing smart lights out of your house


I truly enjoy my Philips Hue (and the Hue Sync where Hue bulbs and lamps can sync to what’s happening on my monitor screen).

I’m using them not just for entertainment purposes, but crucial ones such as auto-turning a few lights on when we are away (to look like someone’s at home). Also, combined with many other Apple HomeKit supported devices out there (like the Elgato Eve Motion), you can create a chain of informative events and notifications through lights and colours. For example, you can place the motion detector inside your mailbox and blink your lights whenever there is a new mail or parcel coming. Cool, right?

And now, Philips Hue are going outdoor and have released a few interesting new Hue lights and set ups for both visual and security purposes.

The new Outdoor range features stylish outdoor luminaires, pillar posts and spot lights – all with Apple HomeKit support that gives you the flexibility to personalise and decor your outdoor with style.

For example, you can set an auto routine to make the outdoor lights automatically turned on when you reach home after sunset, or even to turn themselves on at a specific period of time.

Philips Hue outdoor

The Philips Hue white and colour ambiance spot Lily base unit pack are available now from JB Hi-Fi and Bunnings, retailing for AU$169.95 (light including starter plug) and AU$129.95 (extension lights). The Philips Hue white and colour ambiance Calla bollard will also be available for AU$219.95 (light including starter plug) and AU$159.95 (extension lights).

Make sure to visit to check out all of the new Hue Outdoor products!

Philips Hue outdoor_Calla pedestal

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