Nokia N8 and Samsung Wave from Carphone Warhouse

Nokia N8There was a confimation from my contact at Nokia that a sample of the Nokia N8 is heading my way fairly soon. If you are not one of the iPhone/BlackBerry/Android phone users, you might want to check Nokia N8 that they announced not long ago in Nokia World 2010 conference and also the Samsung Wave short video here.

There is an N8 exclusive in silver pre-0rder over at Carphone Warehouse, so it’s worth checking it out. A short paragraph about the Nokia N8:

Discover the Nokia N8 – an amazing smartphone that lets you take stunning photos, capture true HD movies and play them all back on your HDTV! Nokia N8 is the first phone to have a large 12 Megapixel camera lens and Carl Zeiss Optics, for flawless photo quality. It also bosts a HD video recorder and HDMI out, so you can be the movie maker, and share movie time with family and friends on your HD TV. The brilliant touchscreen and sleek aluminium casing are just what you’d expect from such an impressive phone, and with apps, maps and more to delve into, the Nokia N8 is easily one of this year’s most exciting phones. It’s exclusive to The Carphone Warehouse in silver. The Carphone Warehouse eye openers –

A 30-second short video on the N8 from Carphone Warehouse:

While you are at it, make sure to also check the video on the Samsung Wave phone:

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