Microsoft new True Color Technology

Microsoft True Color Technology

Microsoft True Color is a new technology from Microsoft, bringing better colors and lighting in Microsoft webcams.

TrueColor is a proprietary technology that uses Microsoft’s LifeCam hardware together with the power of your PC to provide superior color and brightness even in poor-quality lighting conditions

It’s really a great addition and the technology really works (check out the comparison videos that I made at the end of this post).

The True Color technology only available to the latest webcams from Microsoft: LifeCam HD-5000LifeCam HD-5001 and LifeCam HD-6000 for Notebooks. However, if you own a Microsoft LifeCam Cinema like I do, you can download a firmware update to your LifeCam Cinema and enable the True Color technology! Just make sure that you update the LifeCam Software to 3.2 as well as I got some auto-focusing problem using the older version (on the video as well).

Here is the official video from Microsoft about the True Color technology:

and here is my own video to see the comparisons:

Source: Microsoft Hardware blog post on True Color technology

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