McAfee and SiteVault Pro license giveaway winners

Giveaway Winners

Thank you for participating in Craving Tech’s McAfee and SiteVault Pro license giveaways. The winners have been picked based on the highest number of entries/scores.

I personally want to thank the sponsors for providing the licenses to be given away through Craving Tech. Without further ado, here are the winners!

McAfee All Access Household Giveaway Winner

The winner is: Mohammad Wasiullah with 27 entries. Congrats! You’ve just won a license worth AUD 199.95 from McAfee. I’ll be in touch to get your shipping address because the sponsor will personally send you a hard copy of the software :)

SiteVault Pro Giveaway Winners

And here are the 10 winners for SiteVault Pro licenses worth $39 per license (in descending order):

  1. Sriram Raj
  2. Praveen Gowda
  3. Rick Hanson
  4. Ali karradadas
  5. Muhammad Sumon Selim
  6. Mohammad Wasiullah (You win again, awesome!)
  7. Vic Limbo
  8. Naser Baig
  9. Akshat Mittal
  10. Selim Hakan

Congratulations again. I’ll be in touch with you all through email or Facebook message (depends on how you joined the contest). Hope to see you again on future giveaways at Craving Tech! Don’t forget, we still have a couple of giveaways that you can hop in: TuneUp Utilities 2012 giveaway and also Handy Backup giveaway.

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