Learning Photoshop?

Adobe® Photoshop® CS4I found a couple of sites when I was trying to find a simple Adobe Photoshop tutorial to put an effect out of my photos.

You won’t find hundreds of tutorials in there, but most of them are easy to learn, especially if you are not a designer, but want to play around with Adobe Photoshop. These sites give you a step by step guide with screenshots. Worth having a look.

The first Adobe Photoshop Tutorial site is “Photoshop CS Tutorial”

Photoshop CS Tutorial seems to focus more on how to enhance your photo images, rather than creating 3D effects on Photoshop.

Unleash the beauty within!
Unleash the beauty within!

Check out the Photoshop CS Tutorial site here.

The second Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Site is “Photoshop Lady”.

Photoshop Lady will teach you all the tips and tricks to create masterpiece effects, such as 3D Effects, Abstract Effects, Drawing Effects, how to make icons, and many more!

Lots of cool stuffs inside!
Lots of cool stuffs inside!

Check out Photoshop Lady’s site here

Feel free to share your own designs with Photoshop here on my comments section. I’d love to see what people can do with Photoshop (as I’m no good with it – I guess a programmer can’t be a good designer, and vice versa? :D)

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