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iPhone 7 Plus Accessories from MobileZap

If you’ve just finally decided to upgrade to an iPhone 7 Plus (check out Craving Tech’s iPhone 7 Plus review if you haven’t), then these new accessories from MobileZap might interest you.

Without further ado, here are some iPhone 7 Plus cases and accessories worth sharing that I got from MobileZap.

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 7 Plus Shell Case

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Spigen is a well known brand who makes great iPhone cases. Their latest Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 7 Plus Shell Case is no exception. The case itself adds very minimal weight to your iPhone, yet offers quite a good protection.

The case doesn’t cover the buttons up so you can have the same tactile feel before you put the case on. It is also still easy to switch the Mute button on and off, unlike other more-protective cases.

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Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 7 Plus Shell Case is also made to work with Spigen Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount, though you don’t necessarily need to buy one if you like the case and don’t own a car. What is it for? Read on.

Spigen Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount

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I have a phone holder in my car, attached to the air vent. It’s compact and works, but the problem is that it is sometime a little bit of a hassle trying to get the phone in and out of it.

Spigen Universal Magnetic Air Vent Mount works much better using magnetic, metal plates. One plate is attached to your case, and the other on the vent mount.

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No one likes having a magnet attached at the back of the case, so Spigen designs it better by having the plate actually attached inside the case. This keeps the design clean.

The packaging also includes protective layers to make sure your phone does not get scratched while in touch with the magnetic plate. So far, there does not seem to be a need to worry having a magnet that close to your smartphone.

I love how easy it is to get into my car and simply “dock” my phone. If you use Google Maps a lot while you drive, then you’ll love the Spigen Universal Magnetic Air Vent mount. You do not need to buy the Spigen case as you can attach it to the back of your other case (or even to your phone), but the case offers a cleaner solution.

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The strength of the magnet is alright (i.e not too strong) so you need to place your phone right at the center (where the magnetic plate lies).

Spigen Ultra Hybrid  iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case

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The Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 7 Plus Bumper Case is not really a 100% bumper case (hence, the word “hybrid” is there for a reason). Normally, a bumper case does not have any protection on the back, but this one does. The clear back still highlights the sleek design of the iPhone while giving you an extra protection.

It’s more like a hybrid of a bumper case and a transparent case with full enclosure. The Ultra Hybrid case is also equipped with shock absorption technology at the 4 corners of the case.

According to Spigen, the shock absorption tech should provide protection from a 1.2 meter drop about 26 times. I dare not test, however.


Even with the slim design, Spigen Ultra Hybrid manages to offer a great protection for your expensive device.

Olixar X-Duo iPhone 7 Plus Case

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If you are not into the minimalist Spigen cases, then perhaps the Olixar X-Duo case with dual-layer protection is for you. The Hybrid layers of TPU and hardened polycarbonate materials work together to protect your premium iPhone from all the scratches and bumps.

The flexible textured TPU body has a good shock absorption, combined with the metallic bumper for the exterior protection. These 2 layers, along with the carbon-fibre finish at the back do not just offer more protection, but also style to the overall case design.

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The Geometric pattern on the inner layer is not for the show (I mean, no one would be able to see it while your phone is in the case anyway, right?). It actually helps to dissipate heat and distribute shocks from drops and bumps evenly.

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I also like how good the grip is, thanks to the textured fibre material on the back.

Olixar iPhone 7 Plus Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector

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I have a couple of friends who seem to have a habit of breaking their smartphone’s glass screen. If you are in this category, you should realise by now that not even a good screen protector can withstand a drop straight on the face.

Olixar Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector is actually a tampered glass that offers the maximum protection possible on a smartphone screen.

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It’s 0.3mm thick and you’ll certainly feel it after you apply the glass screen protector on your iPhone. You can think of the tempered glass as having an extra screen on top of your phone’s screen. Though there are many other brands producing tempered glass protection solution, Olixar goes with the full, edge to edge design that looks like it’s one with the phone.

If you care about how your phone looks, then the Olixar iPhone 7 Plus Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector is it.

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Should you ever “break your screen”, you’ll be happy to know that it will not be your iPhone screen. The tempered glass will take all the brunt and you’ll thank Olixar for it.

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The only price to pay is the thickness and even if it’s only 0.3mm, you’ll feel and see it, especially while resting your thumb or finger on the Home button. It’s a small price to pay if dropping your phone has become a habit.

Make sure to check other iPhone 7 Plus Accessories from MobileZap too.

Disclosure: Review samples was supplied for reviewing but all opinions are mine and not paid.

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