iPad mini is not a smaller version of the iPad 3 (but is a great tablet nonetheless)

Note: This is a guest post written by Nancy Perkins

ipad mini

If you look at the specs of the iPad mini then expect it to be a smaller version of the iPad 3, you might be disappointed. In a lot of areas, the iPad mini is a step down from what you expect Apple will be releasing, especially when they just launched a new OS and a new processor.

But if you will judge the iPad mini on its own, you will find that a lot of what you need in a 7-incher (slightly larger than a 7 incher for this one) can indeed be had in this device.

To appreciate the new iPad mini, let us take a look at what it offers:

iPad mini Hardware and Design

As said above, this tablet is a little wider than the usual 7 inchers in the tablet. The screen itself is already 7.9 inches. But despite the wider screen, the iPad was able to keep its body very light at .68 pounds by keeping it very thin at just 7.2 mm.

iPad mini Screen

This is where the first iPad 3 comparison comes in. The iPad mini will not have the signature retina display of Apple. Instead, it will have the same resolution as the iPad 2 at 1,024×768-resolution at 163 ppi. Before complaining, the LED backlit screen still offers vivid and sharp colors, and with its 4:3-aspect ratio, it may arguably be better than the screen of the iPad 2.

iPad mini Camera

Because most 7-inchers are sold at lower prices, cameras are not really a priority. The iPad mini will be sporting a 5MP iSight rear camera that is similar to bigger iPads. It also has a 720p-capable front camera that means more FaceTime with friends.

ipad mini camera

iPad mini Processor and OS

Another criticism about the new iPad mini is that the processor it is sporting is still the last generation A5 chip when they have the A6 on the new iPhone 5. This is the same approach Apple gave the recently launched 5th generation iPod Touch. Regardless, the A5 chip has more than enough juice to power up all the functions you want in your tablet from browsing , apps, VoIP service calls, and games. And in combination with the new iOS 6, the experience is as smooth as butter.

iPad mini Battery

According to Apple, the iPad mini’s battery can last up to 10 hours. We will know in the future if it is true or not. With a strong processor in the A5, the iPad Mini will need a lot of power for it.


This is where it becomes sticky. Most 7-inch tablets introductory prices are between $199 and $250. The most affordable iPad mini will be the WiFi only 16GB Model at $329. If you want to enjoy 4G speeds, you would need to at least shell out $459 for the 16 GM model with cellular capabilities.


It’s light, fast and very easy to use. The main sticking point is the price. Is it really worth more than a $100 extra compared to the current crop of Android tablets in the market?


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