HP ENVY Ultrabooks feature BeatAudio for higher quality sound output and more boom-boom

HP Envy

HP understand that music lovers sometimes feel being left out by the standard "slim and stylish" Ultrabook model. Not that anything is wrong with being slim and stylish, but most Ultrabook manufacturers don't normally put much effort into making an Ultrabook sounds great.

The Envy Ultrabook range from HP (HP Envy Ultrabook 4 and HP Envy Ultrabook 6) features the Beats Audio™ technology and an HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer. These features are designed solely for the purpose of making the Ultrabook sound better and gives you more oomph/boom-boom with the extra Bass. That's right, folks. The HP Envy Ultrabooks are equipped with dual speakers and a subwoofer. Gamers and music lovers will definitely love this machine.

These are packed inside the 19.8mm thin casing and weighs 2.04kg for the minimum machine configuration. It is powered by the Intel® Core i5 processor and on-board Intel Graphics with 2GB video memory, enough to play decent games and doing some photo/video processing work as well.

HP Envy Ultrabooks come with either the 14" (Envy Ultrabook 4) or the 15.6" (Envy Ultrabook 6) with an option of either 4GB or 6GB DDR3 memory. It has 2 x USB 3.0 slots, 1 x USB 2.0 slot, RJ45 (for a wired network solution), and even an HDMI port. According to HP, the battery life time is around 9 hours on general usage.

Slim ultrabook by HP

Thanks to Intel® Rapid Start Technology, you can also resume your work (or games) in matter of seconds, even when the device goes into a deep sleep mode.

Here is the official advertisement video from HP:

I have to admit that I rarely find an Ultrabook spec that is geared toward desktop mode and gaming. I always thought an Ultrabook needs to be as slim as possible so you can easily carry it around with you to do work (or blog). Having the HP Envy Ultrabooks around powered by an i5, 2GB video memory, 4GB DDR3, long battery life, and better sound output is like a dream come true for gamers. Sure, hardcore gamers would probably want to go for the i7 and a better video card solution, but considering the slim and stylish factor, I'd say the HP Envy Ultrabooks hit the spot.

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